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Description and Wear of Uniform Components
Gloves, Black, White
Article 3501.24


Black Gloves


White Gloves 


 Brown Gloves





Black leather gloves are basic uniform components and shall be made of smooth leather or smooth synthetic leather and are prescribable for wear.


Non leather fabric black gloves are optional for wear with Service and Working Uniforms when black leather gloves are not prescribed.


White gloves are made of authorized fabric and are prescribable for E7 and above personnel.  E6 and below personnel may optionally wear white gloves when participating in events where white gloves are prescribed, but may not be required to do so.


Gloves shall not have any visible ornamentation, decorative stitching, embossed design, or manufacture’s logo.  Glove stitching shall be the same color as the basic glove material.

Correct Wear


Black gloves are worn and never carried.  Formal events, ceremonies or occasions where standardization in appearance is required dictate the wearing of black leather gloves.


White gloves (when required) may be worn or carried with uniforms.


Gloves are removed to shake hands.

Ownership Markings


Center surname, first and middle initial (if applicable) in black ink on inside lip of glove.