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Description of Uniform Components
CPO, Article 3501.20.1








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The cutlass has a 26-inch stainless steel blade with four engraved CPO anchors, (CPO, SCPO, MCPO and MCPON) on one side and the engraved initials “USN” on the other side.  The hilt of the cutlass includes an anodized brass hand guard with black leather handle wrapped in gold wire. The pommel contains the design of the 1897 CPO cap insignia. 

a. The scabbard is black leather with anodized brass throat fitting and toe plate.

b. The belt is black leather with an adjustable shoulder strap.

c. The buckle is anodized brass with two interlocking fasteners.  The CPO shall wear the interchangeable buckle insignia corresponding with his/her current pay grade (CPO, SCPO, MCPO AND MCPON).

d. The frog is made of black leather and is custom made to fit the CPO cutlass scabbard.