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General Requirements and Information
Non-Availability of Women's Uniform Items
Article 3101.9

Navy Uniform Shops and Ships' Stores are available to order "special fit" uniforms for women.  In the event that special ordering uniform items is not practical, Navy women are authorized to wear the following male uniform items.

  • Outergarments, including overcoat, all-weather coat, peacoat/reefer, jackets and sweaters
  • Shoes (service and safety)
  • Rating Badges
  • Navy Coveralls
  • Belts and Buckles      

The wear of these items is optional and they may continue to be worn as long as serviceable.  Wear of khaki uniform require the shirt/trousers combinations to match in order to maintain proper gig line, i.e. men's shirt with men's trousers and women's shirt with women's trousers.