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General Requirements and Information
Ownership Markings
Article 3101.5

Uniform components of El-E6 personnel shall have ownership markings.  Markings shall be a stencil consisting of owner’s surname, first and middle initial (if applicable).  Ownership markings shall be placed inside the garment as outlined in Section 5 of this Chapter, unless directed otherwise.  Stencil letters shall be approximately 3/8 inch high blocked letters.  Markings shall be black on white uniforms, and white on blue uniforms.  

Embroidered letters on Navy coveralls shall be approximately 3/4 inch high blocked letters.  Name/breast insignia tape shall match color and fabric as uniform component and shall be the length of the width of the pocket.  Coveralls (refer to article 3501.18c) shall be embroidered in gold for officers and CPOs and silver for E6 and below.