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Command Pay/Personnel Administrative Support System (PASS) Coordinator (CPC)

Welcome to a community created specifically for the CPC. Send feedback and recommendations for improvement to this website and its contents to and

The CPC serves as the critical link between an individual Sailor, his or her command, and the supporting Personnel Support organization.

It is the CPC's responsibility to ensure all documents and information required to provide command Pay/Personnel and Transportation support are relayed to the appropriate supporting organization via the current authorized electronic transaction system and in accordance with applicable policies governing accuracy and timeliness standards.

NAVADMIN 043/15, Guidance for Using Pay and Personnel Standard Operating Procedures - Effective immediately, all Navy commands [includes Sailor, CPC, CCC, PSD, CSD, etc.], are directed to use the SOPs when performing pay and personnel transactions.

CPC Duties and Responsibilities

Obtain and maintain access to systems/software (i.e., OMPF, ESR, TOPS, etc.) necessary to complete CPC duties. The CPC Toolbox  information sheet -- updated 3 MAR 2014 and located in the box on the right -- provides steps required to request and obtain systems access.

Use the CPC Guide (updated MAR 2014 and also on the right) to perform required tasks.

Carefully review personnel documents and information routed between the PSD/CSD or NOSC and supported Sailors to ensure all forms are properly completed, all required documentation and attachments are provided, and all information appears to be sufficient to resolve the transaction in a timely manner.

Attend all scheduled CPC Training provided by the PSD/CSD or NOSC. If unable to attend, arrange to receive information provided via alternate means.

In every action, always protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of command personnel. If at any time PII is compromised, report the spillage as soon as it is discovered.

Use the left navigation bar to locate information and resources supporting specific CPC tasks. Use Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to perform tasks. Use the CPC Guide for additional guidance.

Getting started - Download the CPC Career Toolbox information sheet (click hyperlink on the right) and use it to establish system accounts. Once system access has been requested and approved, use the following online tools to perform assigned tasks

CPC Toolbox - CAC and CAC-enabled computer required.

Additional online tools

Although the CPC is not expected to be an expert in all areas of pay and personnel administration, familiarity with directives and manuals will increase CPC awareness and effectiveness.


Supporting information on the NPC website

Supporting information on Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) - log into NKO and then click hyperlink below