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CPC Task - Understand and Manage EDVR

The Enlisted Distribution and Verification Report (EDVR) provides ground truth of the current manning of your command. As a customer, it is your "order form" to the personnel system (NPC). If your EDVR is not accurate, odds are the "product" received will not be the "right Sailor at the right time with the right skills" for your command.

The EDVR requires monthly attention. Because of its dynamic nature, it is never likely to be error free, but errors should be minimal. Find "5 Tips" for EDVR Management by clicking the hyperlinks under NPC Web Resources on the right, for more information and access to additional resources provided by Navy Personnel Command (NPC).

The EDVR is a monthly statement of the command's enlisted personnel account. It provides a:

  1. Summary of the present and future manning status of the command.
  2. Common reference for communicating manning status between the command and its Manning Control Authority (MCA).
  3. Statement of account for verification by the Personnel and Pay Services Unit Identification Code (PPSUIC) activity. (The PPSUIC is the UIC of a Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) or other organization that provides personnel and pay services to an activity.)
  4. Permanent historical record of the command’s enlisted personnel account.


ACCESS (download similar data monthly from)