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ID Card Eligibility FAQ 

1. What documents are required to add a child born out of wedlock to DEERS, if no marriage has occurred?

In order for a male sponsor to add a child born out of wedlock, he must provide the birth certificate, social security card, and one of the following; court order establishing paternity or an acknowledgement of paternity, registered in the state of child’s birth.
A female sponsor must provide the birth certificate and social security card.

2. What documents are required the initial issue of a CAC for DOD civilians or contractors?

Two forms of identification (Note: The record must be reflected in DEERS).

3. Is a widow/widower or a qualified former spouse eligible for benefits if he/she remarries?

No they are no longer eligible for benefits;  however, if that subsequent marriage ends due to death or divorce he/she may regain Commissary and Exchange privileges, but not medical benefits.

4. What is the process for qualifying for benefits under the Unremarried Former Spouse Act?

When a divorce occurs the sponsor must provide a decree to terminate entitlements. To be considered for a continuation of benefits as a former spouse the following documents must be submitted to Navy Personnel Command (PERS 314).

        1.  Original or State Certified copy of Marriage Certificate
        2.  Final Divorce Decree
        3.  A notarized statement signed by applicant stating whether or not if he/she is remarried and whether or not he/she is covered by an employee sponsored health care.

5. What documents are required to remove child over 18 years of age?

By law, a military member must provide medical care until a child reaches the age of 21 unless that child marries or joins the military.  If the child has reached the age of 21, is enrolled full-time in an institution of higher learning for associate degree or higher, and the member is providing 50 percent of the support, the child may be eligible for benefits until the age of 23.  

6.  What documents are required for my child enrolled in college?

A letter from the institution of higher learning is required, stating that the child is enrolled full-time and with an expected graduation date. Also, the sponsor must be present or the child must have a DD Form 1172-2, including a statement that the member is providing over 50 percent of support and signed by the sponsor.

7. How do I continue benefits for incapacitated child after the age of 21?

A child may be eligible for benefits if the incapacitation occurred prior to the age of 21. Please submit the following documents to the Navy Personnel Command (PERS 314).

  1. A current medical or psychiatric evaluation   conducted within the last four months by a physician
  2. Complete summary of medical records for review at the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED)
  3. History of employment and earning statements if the child is or has been   employed
  4. Certified copy of the Notice of Disapproved Claim from the Social Security Administration or statement of coverage by Medicare part A and/or B
  5. Dependency Statement- Incapacitated Child Over 21 (DD Form 137-5).  Form must be notarized.

8. What documents are required for renewing my ID card?

Two forms of identification, one of which must be a valid State or Federal issued identification card. If sponsor is not present, family member must provide an Application for an Identification and Privilege Card (DD Form 1172) signed by sponsor or a valid Power of Attorney. (Note: some categories may require additional information before a card is issue.)

9. What documents are required to add family member to Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)?

Spouse - Original state certified marriage certificate, birth certificate, and social security card.

Child - Birth certificate and social security card (Male sponsor must provide proof of paternity for children born out of wedlock) .

Parents, Parents-in Law and Wards of the court must have approval letter from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), birth certificate and social security card.

10.  Are Joint Service marriage members required to enroll each other in DEERS?

Yes.  Both members must have each other listed in DEERS with terminated entitlements. Children should also be listed under both DEERS accounts with benefits and privileges reflected under one record. Dual status members will determine under which record the children will receive an ID card.

11. How long do I have to update DEERS when changes occur?

Sponsors are responsible for updating DEERS, when there are any changes to dependency status of a family member, within 30 days of occurrence. Failure to do so may result in the recoupment of medical expenses paid by Tricare Management Activity.

12. Where can I obtain a new military ID card?

Please click here for your nearest ID card issuing facility.
13. What documents are required to replace Lost/Stolen Common Access Card (CAC)?

Two forms of identification .  Also, the sponsor must provide documentation from the local security office or CAC sponsor/ command confirming that the CAC has been reported lost or stolen.  



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