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The Navy-Marine Corps Mobilization Processing System (NMCMPS) is a web-based system that provides automated processing, tracking, and approval of Contingency Operation Augmentation requests and further enables managers at all levels within Navy the visibility of Contingency Augmentation requirements and of their people temporarily assigned to these critical war time billets. NMCMPS was initially developed for Reserve mobilization, but has been expanded to include several more functions through the Secure Network and Non-Secure Networks.

NMCMPS allows start-to-finish command visibility and control of various inclusive processes and automated work-flow.  The process begins in the initial operational planning, requesting manpower requirements, approving these requirements to be sourced and centralized distribution and order writing.  It also shows tracking, accounting, data collection and coordination during activation and recall processing of the people temporarily assigned to critical wartime billets.  The Task Force based Chain-of-Command will have direct access via the web to continuously monitor the status of their manpower request and personnel augmenting to their command.

Please view our reference points for general NMCMPS information (User Manuals, reference material, Self-Training Guides, etc.) designed to walk you through the steps to access and use the system.