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Distribution Operations Management

P455A Operational Support

Maintain the following Systems, which assist the detailer in retrieving information needed to place the right person in the right job at the right time.

Officer Assignment Information System (OAIS)
Online Distribution Information System (ODIS) 

Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS)


Prioritize System Change Requests
Perform Functional Analysis for existing Systems and Procedures
Research, Develop, and Maintain all TFMMS information
Research and Identify Claimant requirements for newly established UICs
Develop Policy recommendations for MCA assignment
Coordinate New Construction Geo-location assignments in accordance with CNO directives.

P455B Operational Support

Operations Support section of PERS-455 provides a full service approach to detailers, placement officers and NPC support personnel.  The operations support section validates and verifies request for access to the NMPDS, researches and effects corrections to production errors encountered in producing orders.  Additionally, we function as lead IAM for Pers-4. Maintain the following systems:

Enlisted Assignment Information System (EAIS)
Career Management System /  Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID)

Performs Transaction Error Corrections
Prioritize System Change Requests
Performs Data Quality research
Support CMS-ID
Manages System Production Schedules to meet Distribution needs
Manages NMPDS Account Access and Security
Oversees Information Assurance functions for Pers-4
Manages, approves and submits NMCI change requests
Provide Web Content Management support.

P455C PCS Order Writing Support Office

Order Writing Text Support is responsible for the detailed research, management, execution, and implementation of PERS-4 Officer and Enlisted Order distribution procedures.


Provides PCS Order Writing assistance
Monitors and researches PCS Order production and transmission
Develops and updates Order Writing formats for Officer and Enlisted Orders
Ensures implementation of Policies and Regulations in all Order test and formats
Performs Quality Control on all existing Order text to maintain current policy.

Contact Information

For problems with or information on NMPDS (EAIS, OAIS, ODIS, Ect.), Contact Commercial:901-874-3249, DSN 882-3249, or email:

For problems with or information on CMS/ID, contact Commercial: 901-874-4140, DSN: 882-4140 or email:

For updates on PCS order language, or in reference to order text; contact Commercial 901-874-4148, DSN: 882-4148.