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U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston





CDR. Joseph Cole
Commanding Officer

CDR. Brett Pugsley
Executive Officer

CMDCM Doug Bell
Command Master Chief

Mission Statement

The mission of Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston is to ensure the security, good order, discipline and safety of adjudged and pretrial prisoners; to retrain and restore the maximum number of personnel to honorable service; to prepare prisoners for return to civilian life as productive citizens; and when directed by superior authority, detain enemy combatants in accordance with guidance from the President via the Secretary of Defense.


In order to accomplish the command mission, the following functions are set forth:

(1) Provide a secure, safe and humane environment for prisoners, detainees and staff according to the U.S. Code.

(2) Maintain a high level of military discipline within brig operations.

(3) Classify prisoners for restoration to active duty or for discharge from military service and return to civilian life.

(4) Provide resources and an environment which allows prisoners to serve sentences imposed by the court; fulfill individual responsibilities; and complete plans for restoration to duty or return to civilian life.

(5) Operate retraining programs, which include work; training (academic, vocational, military, physical); social skills; counseling (individual and group); substance abuse (drug and alcohol); religious and brig industries.

(6) Provide required reports and assist the Commander, Navy Personnel Command in gathering and evaluating data concerning administration, operations, programs and management of the brig.

(7) Provide military escort services for adjudged prisoners transferring to and from the brig, when required.

Appellate Defense Contact Number

Please call the Brig Legal Office at 843-794-0306 x3996 (DSN: 794-0306 x3996) to schedule an appointment to speak with your client.

Media Access

Media representatives may visit the brig upon special request, consistent with preserving prisoners' right to privacy while maintaining order and security.  Private housing and other secure areas will not be available except by special request.  All equipment is subject to routine inspection by brig officials for contraband and for security reviews.  Photographs or video which identify prisoners are not permitted, with the exception of internal Navy products.  For more information, contact the Brig Public Affairs Officer at:  Charleston or Jacksonville - 843-794-0306 x3028.

Media Interviews

Personal interviews and telephonic communications between prisoners (pre-trial or post-trial) and media representatives are not authorized, unless a determination is made that such interview serves a legitimate public interest, or is in the best interest of the military, per Department of the Defense (DoD) and Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) policy.  For more information or to submit a request for determination contact the Navy Personnel Command Communications Office at (901) 874-3507.