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FSGLI Claims

Guidelines for submission of FSGLI claims are contained in MILPERSMAN 1770-250.

All FSGLI claims and substantiating documentation will be provided to Navy Casualty Assistance Division (PERS-13) for appropriate action.  PERS-13 receives, reviews, and certifies claims to the Office of Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance for processing and payment. 

Service members are permitted to request receive FSGLI benefits via lump sum or 36 equal monthly payments method.  The monthly payment option is not available for child claims.  The Accelerated Benefits Option (ABO) provides a service member access to the FSGLI death benefit before the death of a terminally-ill spouse.  The service member may receive up to 50% of the face value of the spouse coverage through ABO.  The ABO is available in $5,000 increments.  In order to qualify for the ABO, the spouse must have a medical prognosis of a life expectancy of nine months or less.  Only the service member can apply for ABO and benefit will be paid to that service member. 

In the case of dual military members only one service member is entitled to make a claim.

Interest from the date of death to the date of payment will be added to the account.  The service member may use the proceeds in any manner they desire. 

FSGLI claims and general questions should be directed to:

Navy Casualty Assistance Division (PERS-13)
Monday thru Friday
0730-1600 Central Time
TOLL FREE: 1-866-827-5672
FAX: 901-874-6654