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Career Intermission Program (CIP)

Please refer to for OPNAVINST 1330.2B rules, eligibility, and application procedures. See NAVADMIN 301/09 - Change to CIP application procedures, and NAVADMIN 095/09 - Program announcement and timeline for more information.

·     The Career Intermission Program, as authorized by the FY09 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), will allow 20 officers and 20 enlisted per year for four years (2009-2012) the ability to transfer out of the AC and into the Individual Ready Reserve for up to 3 years while retaining full health care coverage. NAVADMIN 089/12 - announces the extension of the CIP program as authorized by the FY 12 NDAA. 


·     Interested participants should submit an electronic package to N134 Program Managers for consideration.  Packages will be reviewed for eligibility and routed to the member's Detailer (PERS-4) and Community Managers (BUPERS-3) before final approval by Commander, Navy Personnel Command (NPC).


·     Participants leave Active Duty and electronically "muster" for accountability purposes during their time in the program (up to 3 years). Upon returning to Active Duty, the Navy will adjust the date of rank for participants so they compete in promotion boards with those people at the same experience level. 


·      Participants retain their full medical/dental benefits for themselves and their dependents, as well as NEX/Commissary benefits. Participants will also receive a small reserve stipend equal to 2 times 1/30th of their basic pay. 


·      There is no requirement to be at the end of EAOS to take part.


·      OBLISERVE is required, participants will serve 2 months for every month in the program.


·      Service members are eligible for GI Bill while participating in the program, but not for Tuition Assistance. Educational pursuits are considered a legitimate use of the program.


Questions? Please contact the N134 Program Manager:

LCDR Jeffrey L. Morin  -