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  • Download the implementation guide and suite of multimedia products for display on your base.
  • Use the campaign resources to support all levels of Navy leadership.
  • Build partnerships across your base, reach out to fellow ADCOs/DAPAs, and engage local organizations in your community for support.

Navy Leadership

  • Empower Sailors to make responsible decisions by reminding them of their accomplishments.
  • Engage your alcohol abuse prevention personnel to stay aware of alcohol-related issues and proactively address emerging problems.
  • Set expectations by modeling responsible drinking behavior.
  • Be consistent in your message and address alcohol-related issues immediately. 
  • Review the set of monthly alcohol-related talking points and share these messages with Sailors at liberty briefings or other regularly scheduled interactions.

Partnering organizations

  • Sponsor or cosponsor events and alternative, alcohol-free activities.
  • Help identify and engage with organizations and local partners with similar missions through networking efforts.
  • Disseminate campaign messages and tools to Sailors through your communication channels using the campaign implementation guide.

Local Communities 

Community Officials

Friends of the Navy

Community Businesses

  • Identify Navy and community points of contact to work with on alcohol abuse prevention efforts
  • Increase enforcement of laws and policies, such as those addressing drunk driving and underage drinking
  • Increase implementation of sobriety checkpoints
  • Offer alcohol-free social, extracurricular, and public service options
  • Offer community-based safe-ride programs
  • Distribute messaging that  promotes responsible drinking and outlines the risks and consequences of excessive alcohol use
  • Restrict the marketing and promotion of alcoholic beverages
  • Prohibit alcohol access to underage and intoxicated patrons
  • Discourage excessive drinking activities in local bars
  • Offer responsible beverage-service training