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The following educational media are available free of charge through government sites on the web:

Navy Diversity and Equal Opportunity Pocket Guide(NAVPERS 535400A (10-06), NSN:  0500-LP-105-7649)

Military Equal Opportunity Information Poster (NAVPERS 15600E, NSN: 0500-LP-113-6362)

The above items are available through the Navy Logistic Library (NLL) website.

Ordering Instructions

First time government users will need to apply for a user account number and receive a password before entering the main site.  (Registration is done through the site and usually takes less than a day for your login ID).  Once you get your account number and password, log in to the system and select the button marked "P2003 Search/Order/Status".  Then select "P2003 Shopping Cart".  Type the NSN in the stock number box (no dashes) and click on the search now button.  You can now order your posters.

Heritage Month Posters and the following videos can be ordered through the Defense Imagery website:

  1. Prevention of Hazing - PN 806349
  2. Recognizing, Resolving, and Avoiding Sexual Harassment - PN 805767
  3. Professional Relationships - Recognizing and Preventing Fraternization - PN 806411