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Distribution Guidance Memorandums (DGMs) 


DGM 2013-01

Policy For Access To Distributions Systems


DGM 2012-02  

Policy For By Name Requests (BNR)


DGM 2012-01

Guidance Regarding Administrative Board Process


DGM 2011-05

Assignment of Personnel to Select Billets Associated with the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program


DGM 2011-04

Filing of De-Screening Actions in Official Records


DGM 2011-03

PCS Letter of Intent (LOI)


DGM 2011-02

BUPERS Millington (BPM) Due-Course Office Billet Diversity Monitoring and Reporting


DGM 2011-01

PCS Move Count and Cost Reduction Strategies


DGM 2010-12

Policy For Joint Billet Management


DGM 2010-11 

Policy For Retention Of Documents And Materials Related To CNPC Approved Administrative Boards


DGM 2010-10

Policy For Requiring A 'Detachment For Cause' To Be Processed Prior To Releasing Orders


DGM 2010-09

Order Writing Procedures For Sailors Reclassified To The Seaman/Airman Professional Apprenticeship Career Track (PACT) Program


DGM 2010-08

Security Training Requirement For Assignment To Saudi Arabia


DGM 2010-07

Navy Personnel Command (NPC) Monitoring In Support Of Promoting Officer Diversity


DGM 2010-06

Policy for Age, High-Year Tenure, and Retire/Retain Waivers and Orders for Members Enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program


DGM 2010-05

Detailing To Commands In Bahrain


DGM 2010-04

N13F Support To Key Leadership Billets Overseas


DGM 2010-03

Assignment Of Shore Installation Commanding Officers


DGM 2009-06

Duty Assignment To Afghanistan-Pakistan Hands (APH) Program


DGM 2009-05

Safe Harbor Moves For Humanitarian Reasons


DGM 2009-04

Distribution Policies for Pers-4 Officer Detailers


DGM 2009-03

Billet Fill Decision (BFD) Percentages Based on Community Inventory by Rank, As Identified in the Current OPA Delta Report


DGM 2009-01

Division Processing Requirements For Officer Resignation Requests


DGM 2008-05

Subspecialty Code Utilization Matrix Revision


DGM 2008-04

Guidance Regarding Officer Bundled Detailing Agreements


DGM 2008-03

Intermediate Stops (I-Stops) at Old and New Permanent Duty Stations (PDS) for all Service Members


DGM 2008-02

Mandatory Training for Detailers, Placement and Order Writting Support Personnel


DGM 2007-06

Joint Tour Length Requirements


DGM 2007-04

Guidance Regarding Assignment of Pregnant/Postpartum Sailors


DGM 2007-03

Distribution of Chaplain Corps (CHC) Officers


DGM 2007-02

Priority for Assignment of Officers to Billets


DGM 2006-04

Graduate Education/Subspecialty Utilization Policy


DGM 2006-03

Detailing guidance for enlisted personnel returning from Individual Augment (IA) assignments


DGM 2006-02

Detailing guidance for officers returning from Individual Augment (IA) assignment.


DGM 2006-01

Fiscal and manning priorities and responsibility for approval/disapproval for PCS readiness orders, non-GWOT related recalls and discretionary bonuses.


DGM 2005-05

Guaranteed Choice of Coast for Post-Japan Assignments for Enlisted Personnel


DGM 2005-04

Optimizing PCS and TDI Funds


DGM 2005-03

Safety Transfers


DGM 2005-02

Per Diem Costing For Active Duty Augmentation Intended TDY Stops In Support Of The Global War On Terrorism (GWOT)


DGM 2004-02

Procedures For Detailing Enlisted Personnel Into Billets Residing In The Unavailable (Gray) Zone Of Jass


DGM 2004-01

Revised Guaranteed Assignment Retention Program Distribution Guidelines


DGM 2003-13

Assignment To Naval Mobile Construction Battalions (NMCB)


DGM 2003-12

Officer Nominations/Proposals Requiring Commander, Navy Personnel Command (CNPC) approval


DGM 2003-10

Center For Naval Analysis (CNA) Fellowship Three Month Intern Program For Officers Reporting To Opnav


DGM 2003-07

Procedures for Standardizing the Priority of Assignment to the Navy Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA)


DGM 2003-06

Assignment of Command-Screened URL Commanders to Other Joint Tours


DGM 2002-04

Initial Notification of Operational Suitability Screening Requirement and Prescribed Actions for Screening Failure


DGM 2002-02

Continued Logistical Support of Family Members


DGM 2001-11

Assignment Procedures for Naval Air station Fallon


DGM 2001-07

Assignment of enlisted Sailors who do not meet requisition criteria


DGM 2001-03

Release of Information Regarding Status of Packages to Constituents by PERS-4 Personnel


DGM 2001-02

Statuatory Promotion and Administration Boards Considering Nuclear Trained Surface Warfare Officers


DGM 2001-01

PERS-4 Personnel Detaching Orders


DGM 2000-02

Temporary Movement of "A" School Personnel to the Fleet


DGM 1999-10

Professor of Naval Science (PNS) Apportionment Policy


DGM 1999-08

Enlisted Tour Curtailment and Retainability Waivers Policy and Procedures


DGM 1999-04

Assignment of Commanding Officers to CNET Commands


DGM 1997-02

Assignment to Australia


DGM 1994-19

Assignment of Sailors With School Age Children To La Maddalena



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