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News - 2011
News - 2011 


 Publish Date
December, 2011
Keep DUI Off Your Holiday List 12/22/2011
NPC Provides O-3 Fitness Report Guidance 12/19/2011
Commissary, Exchange Privileges for Sailors Involuntarily Separated 12/14/2011
Navy Convenes FY12 Senior Enlisted Continuation Board 12/09/2011
Benefits, Flexibility:  Navy Reserve 12/08/2011
Sailor Involvement Key in Negotiating Orders 12/06/2011
Officials "Stress" Patience and Planning to Reduce Holiday Stress 12/02/2011
November, 2011
Navy Announces Updated Special Duty Assignment Pay Rates 11/28/2011
Give Thanks; Eat Healthy 11/23/2011
Sailors Reminded to Review Records Online 11/21/2011
60-Day Transition Period for ERB-Affected Sailors 11/18/2011
Involuntary Separation Pay Assists Transition from Navy 11/16/2011
Veterans Job Bank Links Employers Directly to Separating Sailors 11/15/2011
Navy Issues Reminder as Commands Ready O-3 Fitness Reports 11/14/2011
NPC Customer Service Center Helps Transitioning Sailors 11/10/2011
Navy Provides One-Stop-Shop for Transition Assistance Information 11/09/2011
Navy Officials Release New Transition Assistance Handbook 11/08/2011
October, 2011
Navy Program Helps Enlisted Sailors Aim for the Stars 10/26/2011
Senior Enlisted Continuation Board Deadlines Approach 10/19/2011
PRCOs Uphold New Physical Readiness Program Policy 10/11/2011
MCPON Says Your ACT Can Save Shipmates 10/11/2011
Navy Decreases ET/FC Class Wait Time 10/03/2011
September, 2011
Supplemental Promotion Message Planned for Lieutenants 9/28/2011
Navy Orders Personal Contact Information Verification 9/28/2011
LDO/CWO Package Deadline Approaches 9/12/2011
Navy Seeks Applicants for Enlisted Selection Boards 9/02/2011
Navy Streamlines EFM Enrollment 9/02/2011
August, 2011
NPC Officials Visit Fleet, Discuss ERB and Other Personnel Information 8/31/2011
Navy Expands Hurricane Irene Order to Account 8/30/2011
Navy Issues Order to Account for Navy Family 8/26/2011
Quotas for First Phase of ERB Released 8/23/2011
PRIMS 2011 Streamlines Physical Readiness Reporting 8/22/2011
Navy Convenes Phase I Enlisted Retention Board 8/22/2011
Online Feedback Tool Guides Sailors to Knowledge 8/19/2011
Navy to Convene Phase I Enlisted Retention Board 8/18/2011
Detailers Review Projected Rotation Dates to Match Updated Sea Shore Flow 8/17/2011
NPC Website Hosts New ERB Web Page 8/16/2011
Special Duty Assignment Pay Recertification Deadline Approaches 8/12/2011
Post 9/11 GI Bill Revised 8/4/2011
Path to Chief Petty Officer Paved with Many Factors 8/3/2011
Navy Seeking Applicants for Reserve LDO/CWO Programs 8/3/2011
ERB Conversion Deadline Approaches 8/2/2011
July, 2011
Performance Board Readies to Review Senior Enlisted 7/29/2011
Navy Personnel Leaders Train with Scenario-Based Exercise 7/27/2011
Navy Seeking Applicants for LDO/CWO Programs 7/27/2011
Navy Personnel Command Fleet Engagement Team to Visit PacNorWest Sailors 7/26/2011
NPC Flips Switch During Emergency Exercise 7/25/2011
Looking for Orders, Consider Japan 7/20/2011
Performance Evaluation Update for Lieutenants 7/19/2011
The Detailing Lamp is lit; CMS/ID Application Phase Opens 7/18/2011
Sailors Participate in Physical Readiness Beta Test 7/14/2011
Navy Personnel Command Leaders to meet with Norfolk-based Sailors 7/06/2011
'Honey-Do' -- Enroll in DEERS 7/05/2011
June, 2011
Counselors Focus on Balancing the Force at NCA Symposium 6/30/2011
Household Goods Movers Fully Booked to Some Locations 6/21/2011
Reserve Options Available to Stay Navy 6/13/2011
CNP Talks about Balanced Force 6/08/2011
May, 2011
Sailors, Prepare for Enlisted Retention Board 5/27/2011
NPC Detailers Go to Iraq via Video Teleconference 5/13/2011
NPC Concludes 'Dream Jobs' Web Poll 5/12/2011
April, 2011
Navy Performance Evaluation Instruction Updated 04/22/2011
PTS, No Way Around It 04/19/2011
NPC Website: New Look, Same sailor-Relevant Content 04/11/2011
March, 2011
Nutrition: Total Force, Total Fitness 03/29/2011
EFSR Going Paperless by Sept. 30 03/23/2011
NPC Clarifies Japan PCS Stop Movement 03/23/2011
Sailors Offered Early Out; Reserve Affiliation 03/18/2011
HT, IC and MR Full-Time Support Ratings Eliminated 03/16/2011
Sailors Must Verify Their Death Gratuity Beneficiary 03/16/2011
New Performance Evaluation Requirements Go Into Effect March 15 03/16/2011
NPC Aligns Applications to Navy Standard 03/15/2011
NPC Customer Service Center Expands Detailer Assistance 03/10/2011
Good ASVAB Scores Help Sailors Stay in Navy 03/09/2011
Use of E-Leave Growing as Deadline Approaches 03/09/2011
February, 2011
Detailers Reach Out to Deployed Sailors 02/18/2011
‘Military Saves Week’ Approaches 02/17/2011
Flat Stanley Joins the Navy 02/09/2011
Navy Ceremonial Guard Handpicks Sailors 02/09/2011
Timely PTS Applications Critical to Staying 02/08/2011
January, 2011
Leave Continues When Electronic Leave is Offline 01/27/2011
NSIPS, Other Tools Offline for Maintenance Upgrade 01/26/2011
Redesignation Board Looks At Probationary Officers 01/24/2011
Selection Board Tip – Review Your Record 01/13/2011
Blue to Green an Option for Sailors Facing Separation 01/12/2011
LDO, CWO Communities Under Review 01/05/2011
NPC Search Engine Give Sailors Resources 01/05/2011

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