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News - 2011
Benefits, Flexibility: Navy Reserve 

Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class (AW) LaTunya Howard, Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs Office

MILLINGTON, Tenn. –Flexibility and continued benefits come with Reserve affiliation said one career transition official, Dec 8.  

“Sailors interested in continued Navy service, but who have a desire to change lanes for the flexibility of Navy Reserve, should contact my office,” said Cmdr. Karen Sue McCarten, career transition officer, Navy Personnel Command (NPC).  “The Reserve is a viable option for anyone considering leaving active duty, voluntary or involuntary. 

“The function of NPC’s Career Transition Office (CTO) is to assist in the transition.  We are like the middle-man between the member, the career counselor and the Reserve component.”    

According to NAVADMIN 229/09, the CTO was established with the primary objective of educating Sailors on the benefits of Reserve affiliation.  They manage the shift from active-duty to the Navy Reserve, while streamlining the process and eliminating pay interruptions.

Sailors considering the Reserve should be aware of the various categories of service. 

The Selected Reserve (SELRES) is the largest and most relied upon group according to McCarten.  This group consists of drilling reservist and units.  These designated Reservists are available for recall to active duty status and they serve as the Navy’s primary source of immediate manpower.  SELRES typically fulfill the traditional service commitment of one weekend a month and two weeks a year.  This reservist receives many of the same benefits and performs many of the same duties as their active duty counterparts.
A Full-Time Support (FTS) Reservist performs active duty services relating to the training and management of the Navy Reserve program. They may be assigned to shore activities and commands or operational units.  FTS personnel receive the same pay, allowances and benefits as active duty members.

Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) offers Sailors Reserve affiliation perks without the SELRES drill requirements.  Sailors in the IRR have to maintain mobilization readiness and must keep the Navy informed of any address changes or conditions that may affect their readiness. 

Sailors E3-E6 can apply for a SELRES quota via Fleet Ride-Perform-to-Serve (FR-PTS).  In-rate only, in-rate willing to convert, and convert only are the selection preferences. 

If approved for a SELRES FR-PTS quota, you must select a drill site from the Career Management System/Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID).

Enlisted Retention Board (ERB) Sailors are eligible to apply for a SELRES only billet through their career counselor.

“ERB applications are reviewed against all other FR-PTS SELRES applicants according to the algorithm and quotas available,” said Joe Kelly, FR-PTS program manager.  “Remember to consider rating conversion for better opportunity.  The cut-off is three months from their terminal date.”

Additional ERB transition information can be found at:

“One of the advantages of being in the Navy Reserve is that you are still a part of the camaraderie we all share in the Navy,” said McCarten.  “The Reserve offers a lot of opportunity and continued benefits.  The GI Bill is probably the most-utilized benefit for our Reservists but networking for employment progression, affordable insurance, medical and dental programs, retirement benefits and access to on-base facilities are other benefits that are priceless.”

For questions concerning Reserve affiliation, talk to a career counselor, contact the CTO, email CTO.ENLISTED@NAVY.MIL, call the NPC Customer Service Center at 1-866-U-ASK-NPC or send an email to


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