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News - 2011
System Changes Make CMS/ID More User-Friendly 

From Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) -- A Dec. 3 upgrade to the Career Management System/Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID) system made technical changes behind the scenes, but Sailors will notice several differences.

“The changes were designed to make CMS/ID more user-friendly and easier to use,” said Master Chief Quartermaster (SW/AW) Andy Millar, senior enlisted advisor, Navy Personnel Command Enlisted Distribution Division.

However, “those who accessed CMS/ID using browser bookmarks before the upgrade might have some  trouble unless they update the bookmark to,” Millar advised.

Sailors will notice other adjustments, too.  For example, users now have the option to show or hide notes on their job search page.  Also, notes now appear on the Navy Operational Support Center and Reserve Mobilization/Active Duty for Special Work pages.

When searching for jobs, Reservists now have the option to exclude rate substitutions, so the search results display exact rate matches only. They can also include same-rate jobs that are “one-up, one-down” from the pay grade selected in the search criteria.  And, Reserve commands can add comments about their jobs directly from their home page.

Active component and Full Time Support (FTS) Sailors will now see their order status, as well as the prospective command name and Unit Identification Code (UIC) on their Personnel Detail page, making it easier to track their orders.  Plus, Active and FTS Sailors whose orders are processing are highlighted on personnel lists throughout the system.

A new Command Information page lets commands to publish details about their chain of command, points of contact, command web site and other important data.  The command’s highlighted UIC links to the Command Info page, wherever it appears in the system. Sailors can quickly research prospective new commands.

It’s now easier for the command to view information on prospective gains as Command Career Counselors and command representatives can search through potential gains, using a range of Estimated Report Dates, and view each prospective service member’s data, including their contact information.

As a final note, Millar advised, “Active duty Sailors need to enter their duty preferences into CMS/ID not later than one year prior to their PRD - well before they enter the nine-month window.  Once they enter the nine-month window, Sailors become 'detailing assets.’

“Nine, eight and seven months before their PRD, Sailors should be actively submitting their CMS/ID applications,” Millar added. “This is their three-month window to negotiate for orders, and at six months out, they become eligible for involuntary ‘needs of the Navy’ assignments.”  Reserve Sailors should apply from three months prior to PRD up to their PRD.  Bottom line is, “Sailors have the most influence over their careers by entering their duty preferences and job applications into CMS/ID.”

Those with questions on CMS/ID or the latest upgrade can contact the NPC Customer Support Center toll-free at (866) 827-5672 on online at


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