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News - 2011
Missing PRIMS Data Can Slow Your Promotion 

MILLINGTON, Tenn. – Navy officials reminded Sailors April 7 to include a review of their physical fitness assessment data in their selection board preparations.

“When the promotion list comes out, we scrub those names against PRIMS (Physical Readiness Information Management System).The vast majority of candidates have no problems,” said Capt. Leo Falardeau, assistant commander, Navy Personnel Command (NPC) for career progression, referring to the Navy policy that requires Sailors to meet physical readiness standards in order to be promoted.

“As long as members have taken their PRT and passed it then the promotion process can continue,” said Falardeau. “If it is anything other than that -- PRIMS is blank, the member is over body fat or failed the PRT -- then we have a discrepancy.”

Last year, the Chief of Naval Personnel announced in NAVADMIN 073/09 that PRIMS data would be reviewed as part of the promotion and advancement process beginning with fiscal year 2010 boards. Falardeau’s team reviews post-selection board results against the PRIMS database for all officers slated for promotion. As result a small number of promotions have been delayed in cases where a discrepancy has been found.

“In most cases, their PRIMS data is blank and just needs to be updated. The discrepancy can be resolved fairly quickly,” said Falardeau. “In other cases the member must pass the PFA or if the error is in the fitness report, the fitness report must be corrected before the Sailor may be promoted. In cases where the data cannot be immediately fixed the promotion is delayed.”

“We send a formal letter informing the member that they are delayed,” said Falardeau. “And the small numbers that have been withheld have been trending downward, which we attribute to the word getting out.”

To date, this process has only applied to officers, but the FY-11 E8/E9 Selection Boards for Navy Reserve Personnel, which convened March 1, will be the first enlisted selection boards to undergo the same PRIMS review. 

While command fitness leaders (CFL) are responsible for inputting PRIMS data after each cycle, Sailors are ultimately responsible for reviewing the information.
“It is very important that Sailors review their PRIMS account for accuracy,” said Bill Moore, director for the Navy’s Physical Readiness Program.

If a Sailor finds an error in PRIMS, the first step should be to contact their CFL. The command that input the data is responsible for correcting the record.

“The first course of recommended action is for that command to send the PRIMS program manager a correction request along with supporting documentation.  If the command can't assist with the records correction, then the member can always submit to the Board for Corrections of Naval Records,” said Moore.

Sailors can review their PRIMS data through BUPERS Online at


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