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News - 2011
Orders Negotiation Window Shrinking; Sailor Involvement Key 

By Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) -- Under NAVADMIN 249/09, Sailors can expect a shortened orders-negotiation window beginning this fall.

According to the NAVADMIN, the most relevant change is that the detailing window will be seven-to-nine months before one's projected rotation date (PRD), providing a three-month window to negotiate for orders before a Sailor is considered to be eligible for an involuntary "needs of the Navy" assignment.

Career Management System/Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID) is the tool for negotiating assignments. In July, the Web-based system introduced a Sailor self-apply option. While visually CMS/ID and the advertising mechanics stay the same, most changes will be apparent.

Currently Sailors negotiate from nine-to-five months prior to their PRD. If a billet isn't selected by the fourth month, "needs of the Navy" applies.

"This change encourages more aggressive participation by Sailors in negotiating orders. It also allows NPC better responsiveness to fleet demands and current Global War on Terror Support Assignment deadlines," said Rear Adm. Shoemaker, the head detailer at NPC.

One benefit is that Sailors placed into "needs of the Navy" assignments will know at the seven-month window where they are going instead of the five-month window. Assuming a stable PCS budget, another advantage is earlier issuance of orders, giving Navy families more time for PCS moves.

Sailors in their negotiation window now will not be disadvantaged by this change. Detailers are ensuring applicants have no less than three months to consider options:

  • Sailors with a PRD between August 2009 and January 2010 are unaffected and should already be under orders or pending separation.
  • Sailors with a PRD between February 2010 and April 2010 will be managed as if their "needs of the Navy" window is January 2010.
  • Sailors with PRDs of May 2010 and beyond will fall under these new rules.

Planners built in a buffer zone of time so Sailors can react. They emphasize that Perform-to-Serve (PTS) and the CMS/ID process go together.

"Sailors will not be allowed to negotiate orders without Perform-to-Serve approval. We realize some Sailors don't get PTS approval until six months prior to their PRD, so they will negotiate directly with their rating detailer. They can negotiate in the green zone for one month, before entering the 'needs of the Navy' window.

"The key," said Randy Miller of BUPERS 3, "is for Sailors to put in their PTS applications 12-to-15 months prior to EAOS or PRD. Doing this will give them a full three months to negotiate."

To improve Sailor choice, CMS/ID will advertise more requisitions each cycle, displaying more priority readiness requisitions, mostly in the green zone. GSA requisitions will continue to show in the purple zone. The red zone will now display the most critical fills – billets that could directly degrade mission capability if unfilled.

"NPC will fill every red zone requisition every month. All Sailors in the negotiating window (PRD minus 9 months) will be considered eligible for assignment, perhaps involuntarily, to red zone requisitions." But red zone requisitions will not exceed two per rate (e.g., two YN3, two YN2, two YN1) for both sea and shore requisitions.

"Our goal is to make CMS/ID more agile, and responsive to new and changing fleet requirements," said head detailer, Shoemaker. "These initiatives bring advantages to both our Sailors and to the commands they serve, improving odds for success in Naval operations world-wide."

The NPC Customer Service Center is the first stop for questions. Call (866)-U-ASK-NPC or (866) 827-5672, weekdays, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sailors may also e-mail the Customer Service Center at

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