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The Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) is the Navy’s single, field-entry, electronic pay and personnel system for all USN/USNR Sailors. This web-enabled, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system offers Sailors 24-hour access to their Electronic Service Record (ESR), training data, and career counseling records. NSIPS is available world-wide, both ashore and afloat. NSIPS is currently deployed on 150 ships and is available via the ship’s network using a disconnected operations infrastructure, synchronizing data with the ashore network when connectivity permits.

NSIPS Access:

To gain access to NSIPS or the Electronic Service Record, a hard-copy SAAR-N request is required in addition to an NSIPS specific online request available on the NSIPS web site.  With the exception of CO/XO/OIC/CMC requests, email the hard copy SAAR-N to in a PDF format. For CO/XO/OIC/CMC requests, command NAM retains locally. All commands are encouraged to designate an NSIPS NAM.

A hard copy SAAR-N Form is not required for CO/XO/OIC/CMC for command level view access to Electronic Service Record.

NSIPS Contacts:

Toll Free: 877-589-5991, Comm: 504-697-5442, DSN: 647-5442,   email: