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PERS-52 Financial Management Division
Provides budget formulation, execution, and funds control for BPM/NPC activities.  PERS-52 is also responsible for the Government Travel Card Program and serves as the Agency Program Administrator for BUPERS Millington/NPC Defense Travel System requirements.

PERS-521 Reserve Management Branch
The major responsibility for this branch is providing program support for Operation and Maintenance Navy Reserve (O&MNR), Civilian Pay for positions funded by O&MNR funds, travel and Reserve Operations budgets.

PERS-522 Financial Control and Accounting Branch
This branch is responsible for accounting functions including, but not limited to, maintaining, creating, and implementing BUPERS Millington/NPC financial framework creating and maintaining Annual Financial Plans (AFPs), controlling funds distribution process, and centrally managing civilian personnel labor.

PERS-523 Business Operations Department Budget Formulation Branch
One of the primary functions of this branch is acting as the internal/external BPM/NPC liaison for budget formulation and program reviews. Additionally, this branch is responsible for allocating funds based on phasing plans, and historical expenditures and prior year phasing plans.

PERS-524 Career Management Branch
This branch plays an integral role in order writing as they perform budget planning, programming,  and executing of Permanent Change of Station, Military Personnel, Navy, Temporary Duty Under Instruction (TDI), Travel, Directed Training, Law Education and Navy Music.

PERS-525 BUPERS Millington/Personal Family Readiness/Personnel Information Management Branch
This branch performs budget planning, programming, and execution of N135, BUPERS 3, BUPERS 26, PERS 1, and PERS 3 programs. They work closely with their customers serving as resource manager for budget formulation and execution functions for each of the programs under their purview.