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A team of highly qualified senior maintenance personnel that are consistently reviewing requests for manpower adjustments. Analysts validate ROC/POE(Required Operational Capability/Projected Operating Environment) tasking statements, gather data to update and maintain squadron manpower requirements, and apply approved staffing standards to  develop Squadron Manpower Documents (SQMD's) and Staff Fleet Manpower Documents (FMD's).

Division Officer  (901) 874-6314 DSN 882-6314

Senior Lead Analyst (901) 874-6348 DSN 882-6348

Fleet Support (VFC, VR, VRC)  (901) 874-6411/6231  DSN 882-6411/6231

CVN Deployable (VAW, VFA, VAQ, HSC, HSM)  (901) 874-6231/6411 DSN 882-6231/6411

Shore Deployable/Shore (VQ, VAQ, VFA, VPU, FRS, VX)  (901) 874-6411/6231  DSN 882-6411/6231

Rotary Wing CVN/Shore Deployable (HS, HSC, HSM, HSL, HM) (901)874-6411  DSN 882-6231