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The Functional Management Office (FMO) is the customer liaison for manpower IT systems functional requirements that support the manpower planning, programming and budgeting process. Responsible for functional management of Manpower IT Systems (TFMMS, NMRS, TMMCA). Serves on various manpower management committees to ensure applications complies with applicable policies and regulations. Seeks feedback from user personnel to identify problem areas or system deficiencies and optimize manpower resources to meet the changing needs of the Navy. Provides functional assistance to the Central Design Activity (CDA) in the design and development of new manpower applications, ensuring consistency among systems. This approach will provide improved data integrity and support future total force manpower management functions.

Contact Information (DSN Prefix 882)

Functional Manager, (901) 874-6398

Management Support, (901) 874-6350

Contract Project Manager, (901) 874-6365

Contract Support, (901) 874-6332

Contract Support, (901) 874-6323

Contract Support, (901) 874-6397