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1.  What is TFMMS?
The Total Force Manpower Management System (TFMMS) provides users of manpower information with effective automatic data processing support for manpower planning and programming functions.

2.  What does TMMCA stand for?
TMMCA stands for TFMMS Micro Manpower Change Application.  It is a microcomputer-based system supporting the Total Force Manpower Management System. 

3.  Can you help me find the TMMCA Users Manual?
Click here for Documentation

4.  Who do I talk to for TFMMS manpower policy and procedure questions?
Please contact you BSO directly.

5.  How can I get access to download the unclassified monthly TMMCA data?
All request for access to the TMMCA download must be approved by NAVMAC.  Complete the request form and then follow the instructions on the form to fax or email.

6.  Why doesn't the scroll bar show on my reports in TMMCA?
It doesn't happen to everyone but sometimes when a report runs for the first time after the install, it will execute in a separate window.  If you double click on the header bar/blue bar of the report itself, it will maximize the report and you will be able to scroll through page.  Additionally if you do the same thing to the print preview box, it will move it up to the top out of the way.

7.  I downloaded the TMMCA software from the web, why do I not have privileges to install the software?
For Non-NMCI users, you must have administrator rights to install software on you workstation.  If you don’t your IT administrator will need to install the software for you.

For NMCI users:  You should not be downloading the software.  If you have authorization, NMCI will push the software to you workstation.

8.  I was scheduled for the initial TMMCA v8.3 install. Why can't I find TMMCA in my programs menu?
If you were scheduled for the initial push for TMMCA v8.3, you will need to contact the NMCI help desk at 866-843-6624. 

9.  I have an NMCI workstation. How do I get the TMMCA application pushed to my machine?
To have TMMCA pushed to your workstation, you will need to contact the CTR/ACTR (Contract Technical Representative/Assistant Contract Technical Representative) for your site and submit a MAC request.

10.  When is the Monthly TMMCA data available for download?
The TMMCA data is created after TFMMS month end on the Tuesday of the last full week (M - F) of the month.

GENERAL RULE:  The unclassified TMMCA file should be available to all users by 1400 CST on the Wednesday after the TFMMS month end processing.  If for some unforeseen reason there’s a delay in this schedule, all users of this download file will be notified.

11.  When I'm in TFMMS, for downloads and uploads, is there some way to get to my TSO without logging off of TFMMS?
Yes, but you must be using the Reflections application to access TFMMS.  While you are in TFMMS requesting a dataset name, highlight the dataset name and copy the name.  Hold the shift key down and press the F10 key.  This will display the CL/SUPERSESSION Main Menu.  Select the TSO option and navigate to the ready prompt and perform your download or upload.  Should you have the need to go back to TFMMS after closing the transfer function, again hold the shift key down and press the F10 key.  Once at the main menu, select TFMMS - PROD and this will bring you back to where you were when you left. 

12.  I'm trying to repair my database to fix AMD's. Why do I get the error 'Function can't be performed while others in system'?
If TMMCA v7.0 is installed on your workstation do the following.  Start TMMCA, Click on Maintenance/Edit Site File. Use the normal PWD.  Change the number of the number of users to a 1.  Then click on Save.  Now you can perform the repair data base.

13.  Where can I get training for TFMMS?
There is no formal training for TFMMS at this time.  You should contact you BSO for instructions on training. 

14.  I don't have an NMCI workstation. How do I get my TMMCA software download?
You can click on the following link to download the current version of TMMCA.  Click here for download


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