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Surface Nuclear

The primary purpose of the SWO(N) community is to maintain a cadre of Surface Warfare Officers with a sub-specialty in nuclear power.  These officers serve alternate tours in conventional surface ships (as Division Officers, Department Heads, Executive Officers, and Commanding Officers) and in nuclear-powered aircraft carriers where they lead Sailors in operating and maintaining the nuclear propulsion plants.

This career path produces officers competitive for Major Command and Flag rank.  Along the way, SWO(N)s enjoy rewarding tours in a variety of afloat and ashore billets.  Their skills and importance to the nation's maritime strategy are well-respected and well-compensated by the Navy.

This site is maintained to provide SWO(N) officers with the most up-to-date information that will assist them in making educated career management choices.

To view contact info, the latest SWO(N) grams, or the annual SWO(N)/AV(N) newsletters that are not accessible to the general public, you will be prompted for a CAC login when you click to open the document.

SWO(N) Community Management Team
The SWO(N) Community Management Team consists of Detailors, Placement Officers, and the Community Manager in Millington, TN as well as the Program Manager in Washington, D.C.  This team of SWO(N)s works to balance the legs of the detailing triad to ensure continued SWO(N) health at the individual and at the community levels.

Contact Us

Why become a SWO(N)?
  About SWO(N)s
SWO(N) Career Planner

The SWO(N) Career Planner is a valuable personal and mentoring tool.  By providing various pieces of data, users can chart multiple career options and visibly compare them against the notional SWO(N) career path, including FITREP/board timing and even school schedules.

The planner runs as a "macro" in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 or 2003.  The planner above is not yet compatible with PowerPoint 2007 or 2010.

Right click, download, and save the SWO(N) Career Planner to a location of your choice.  The planner requires macros to run; ensure your computer's security setting will allow macros this.  Normally, this is done by going to Tools -> Macros -> Security and then selecting "Medium."

SWO(N) Pay and Compensation

The Nuclear Officer Incentive Pay instruction which governs the Annual Incentive Bonus (AIB) and Continuation Pay (COPAY) was recently revised and updated. 

SWO(N)s are compensated for two skills sets and are eligible for both Nuclear Officer Incentive Pay (NOIP) which is governed by OPNAVINST 7220.11 rev E and the full spectrum of Surface Warfare Officer bonuses (Revised Jr. CSRB and SWOCS) which are described on the PERS-41 Pay and Incentives page which has links to all of the applicable references including sample letters for each bonus.

Please contact the SWO(N) Community Manager before applying to any program which obligates you to additional service (including Nuclear COPAY), as there are usually timing concerns with current or future Nuclear COPAY eligibility that you need to be aware of before making any decisions.

The new NOIP instruction has provisions for new contracts and replacement contracts (see paragraph 7 for details).  Use this sample letter as a template when applying for a new Nuclear COPAY contract.  Use this sample letter as a template when applying for a replacement Nuclear COPAY contract.

SWO(N) Community Brief (CLICK HERE)


SWO(N) Grams
Sign up for email delivery of each monthly SWO(N) Gram by sending your email address to the Surface Nuclear Officer Detailer at the address provided in the Contact Us link.  If your email address changes, please be sure to provide your new email address to ensure you receive every SWO(N) Gram.
July 2014
LCDR results, FITREP reminders, CDR CMD/MC Screening notes, Detailer visits, PNEO results
June 2014
O6/O5 results, JO FAQs, Myth Busters, PNEO results
Emergent (June 2014)
SWO(N) COPAY increase announcement and guidance
Apr 2014
FY15 ARO/ EDO(N)/PA Board results, Detailer Travel, PPWO of the Year, EFM info
Jan 2014
Detailer travel schedule
Dec 2013
Admin screening results, CVN DIVO Shout-outs, Stat board preps, Zone List 
Oct 2013
Service Record Mgmt tips, SWO CMD qual, Honing professional skills
Aug 2013
O-4 promotion results, Admin board dates, Divo timing, PNEO results
June 2013
O-5/O-6 promotion results, NOIP FAQs, Admin board notes, PNEO results
Apr 2013
Admin board screening results, Norfolk visit schedule, PNEO results
Feb 2013
FITREP Guidance, NPS Distance Learning, SNA Scholarship, PNEO results
Jan 2013
PERS-424 Turnover and detailer visit
Dec 2012
Admin board screening results, FITREP reminders, New STAT zones
Nov 2012
JO Slating, Admin board screening results, Board schedules, PNEO results
Sep 2012
RADM Rowden comments, ADM Harvey's final blog post
Aug 2012
Admin board reminders, Detailer visits, NEI announcement
Annual Newsletters
2011-2012 SWO(N) Newsletter
Electronic edition of the annual SWO(N) Newsletter, Locator section removed to protect personal privacy information.  Photo quality reduced for smaller download size.
2011-2012 AV(N) Newsletter
Electronic edition of the annual AV(N) Newsletter.  Locator section removed to protect personal privacy information.  Photo quality reduced for smaller download size.

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