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Career Info
Command Slates
41A Captains
410/411 Post DH-PCC
412 Division Officers
412 Department Heads
416 EOD
412 SWO(N)
Pay & Incentives
Specialty Career Path
410/411 Post DH-PCC

PERS-410/411 Assignment Branch

PERS 410 details Post CMD Commanders.

PERS-411 details Post Department Heads, Lieutenant Commanders and Commanders through PCO's.


Please Note:  Contact info documents are CAC-enabled; once you click to open the document you will be prompted for your CAC pin. 

Due to PII concerns, we are unable to post slate results.

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In Focus

XO/CO Fleet Up Board Shift Brief


Specialty Career Path Info

Subspecialty Codes

Surface Warfare Bonus Info

Surface Warfare Acquisition Corps Eligible Designation Process

War College

War College Seats  are available but limited. Check to see if your PRD window matches class convenings.

Downstream Fills

How to Read the Downstream Fills:
The following information will assist you as you review the postings.

  • GSA Assignments - Listed at the top. Taking a GSA will provide an officer duty location preference for follow-on orders, subject to billet availability.   
  • Hot Fills - Gapped or short notice fills that are high priority for filling. For officers within 6 months of PRD, the GSA and Hot Fills should be your primary focus.
  • Fill Date - The date by which the gaining command wants the prospective officer on station. If Fill Date is expired, the billet may be gapped. Format is Year Month, ie., 0307 indicates 2003 July.
  • CMD - The command name (frequently acronym or DICNAVAB format).
  • Billet - A brief description or job title.
  • UIC - Unit Identification Code
  • BSC - Billet Sequence Code
  • HPORT - Geographic location or homeport of the command
  • TAC - The characterization of duty: A - Alaska, S - Conus Shore, C Conus Sea Duty, D - Overseas Sea Duty,  G - Other Shore Duty (both CONUS and OCONUS and Overseas), H - Hawaii shore duty, and O - Overseas Shore Duty.  Note: Any additional requirements for a job will be listed here.
  • Notes: These jobs are subject to frequent and rapid change.

While a BSC may not list a specific AQD, subspecialty, or seniority level, the command may be looking for someone with particular skills to meet emerging requirements.

Many of these jobs require informal if not formal approval by the gaining command.

Color Codes


GSA Assignments. SECDEF Priority Fills

Priority Fills. Needs of the Navy.


CONUS Sea Duty


Overseas Sea Duty


Overseas Shore Duty


Joint Duty




Job Filled. Orders Not Released

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