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Our goal with Career Info is to provide a one-stop resource for commonly asked questions concerning career timing, lateral transfer, board information, graduate education, resignation, etc.   

Use the links on the navigation pane to the left to find the info you need.  Once you review the info, your detailers are standing by to answer specific questions. 

Officer Promotion Phasing:  SECNAV approved a change to the Active Duty Officer promotion phasing plan in FY11.  The previous schedule promoted officers selcted for promotion to the grades of Captain, Commander, and Lieutenant Commander at a rate of 5% per month for 8 months (Oct-May), increasing to 15% the last 4 months (Jun-Sep).  Effective 1 Oct 2010, Active Duty Officers selected for control grade (LCDR, CDR, CAPT) promotion were promoted at a 3% per month rate for 11 months, with the remaining officers promoted in September.  This policy will be evaluated annually.