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The assignment of officers to Limited Duty (LIMDU) is based on the recommendation of a medical board convened in accordance with the Manual of the Medical Department.  Your command cannot place an officer in a LIMDU status--it must come from a Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) to PERS-821.  Officers in this category are assigned to duty ashore and these assignments are made in close proximity to a Navy medical facility where an officer is to receive follow-up care and re-evaluation. These officers are disqualified for assignment to duty afloat or duty involving flying. Other specific assignment limitations/restrictions will be indicated in the approved board.

On note, once an officer is placed into a LIMDU status in the system, the Detailers are unable to write orders assigning the officer back onto sea duty until the LIMDU status has been cleared by PERS-821.

A goal of the limited duty process is to expedite the return of eligible officers to a "return to duty" or "fit for duty" status. We need to return our trained and skilled personnel to productive service in the shortest time possible. Detailed information is available in:



PERS-821 LIMDU Branch is responsible for managing all Limited Duty (LIMDU) cases. For more specific program information on limited duty, visit the NPC LIMDU page