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Specialty Career Path

The SCP program provides alternatives to the traditional command at sea career path and supports the demand for URL LCDR/CDR/CAPT expertise in growing and expanding mission areas. The following SCP options will be opening to qualified candidates:

  • Operations Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Naval Operational Planner
  • Antiterrorism/Force Protection
  • Shore Installation Management
  • Antisubmarine Warfare
  • Mine Warfare
  • Missile Defense
  • Strategic Sealift
  • Education and Training Management

Benefits and Opportunities of Selection

  • Designated SCP billets within specialty area
  • Specialty training and experience
  • Potential to screen SCP CO and SCP XO
  • Career milestone billets within each specialty area

SCP Program Brief (03JUL13) 

SCP Master Billet Base (13MAR15) 

***Note: The FY16 SCP selection board will convene on 27 July 2015.  The NAVADMIN for that board is in staffing but expect similar timelines and application procedures as outlined in the FY14 SCP NAVADMIN posted below. *** 

FY14 SCP Selection Board

FY14 SCP Selection Board Results


Sample Application

SCP Managers

411 (Surface)
(901) 874-2185
DSN 882-2185
FAX  X-2756

421 (Submarine)
(901) 874-3931
DSN  882-3931
FAX  X-2756

43 (Aviation)
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