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New Revision for Nuclear Officer Incentive Pay (NOIP) instruction dated 29 December 2014, OPNAVINST 7220.11E is the current revision.

The SSIP authorization and rules were recently changed. Please contact PERS-42 with any questions and for assistance in submitting a contract.

Special Pay Programs

Due to the special skills and extensive training required to become a member of the submarine and nuclear officer communities, a variety of special pay programs have been developed for eligible personnel. These pay initiatives include:

  1. Nuclear Accession Bonus
  2. Career Accession Bonus
  3. Nuclear Officer Continuation Pay (COPAY)
  4. Annual Incentive Bonus (AIB)
  5. Submarine Support Incentive Pay (SSIP)
  6. Continuous Submarine Duty Incentive Pay (CONSUBPAY)