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     Phone: 901-874-4620 (DSN: 882)               

GSA Detailing:  GWOT Support Assignment (GSA) is the term for negotiated, PCS assigned tour in support of the global war on terrorism (now overseas contingency operations) that meets existing Joint Manning Document (JMD), Request for Forces (RFF) or other GWOT demand signals.  The goal is to mainstream IA assignments with existing detailing practices to increase predictability, stability and notification.

Business Rules:  All Officers are GSA candidates, with the following exceptions:

  • Those who completed a six deployment within six months of PRD
  • Those completing a DoD mandated unaccompanied tour
  • Those en route to a required milestone, internship or flag aide/EA
  • Those who completed an IA in the last 36 months
  • Those completing a tour on a forward deployed operational unit

       Note:  Officers otherwise exempted as a candidate can volunteer for GSA opportunities.

Detailing Window:  The detailing window is eight (8) months for officers homeported or stationed in CONUS and ten (10) months for officers stationed outside CONUS. 

Bundle Detail:  Once you negotiate GSA orders, you will work with your appropriate detailer to negotiate your follow-on tour.

Navy Individual Augmentee Website:  The Navy Individual Augmentee (IA) website and Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) are the Premier Sites for the Individual Augmentees.  They contains a wealth of information to include IA guidance, Leadership, Performance, Education, Personal Development, to a complete section on the Supply Corps.  Access these websites at and  

Point of Contact:  The POC for Supply Corps GWOT Support Assignments is CDR Reginal Williams at 901-874-4620, DSN 882-4620 or