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From The Head Detailer

CDR_Billet List 10 JAN 18.xlsx


*** All contact lists are CAC accessible only ***


Contact Us      Phone:  901-874-4607 (DSN:  882)  


Greetings from Millington, TN!  Regardless of your Planned Rotation Date (PRD), you should start planning now for your next assignment and although you are familiar with the detailing process, at this point in your career there are several guiding factors.

DEFINE YOUR PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL GOALS.  Generally, most Commanders will have two duty assignments before screening for Captain.  As such, it is important to assess your future desires and pursue those jobs that are consistent with your goals ... be transparent and honest with yourself and with me about your goals, to include assignment priorities, retirement, etc.  Ensure you consider and discuss with your family the disciplined detailing precepts as articulated during the OP Road Shows- Mobility, Deployability, and Serve-to-PRD.  These are presumptions and expectations which need to be part of your next-tour decision making process. 

PROMOTION. If your goal is to promote to Captain, then request an assignment that improves your promotion potential by building on your previous assignments and acquired skill-sets.   Future value to the Navy is a major factor in selection to Captain.  Commander operational and command tours, demanding and visible jobs, and recognition as an expert in your field enhance your competitiveness for Captain.  Sustained superior performance in a mixture of operational assignments, direct Fleet support and policy tours, and overseas and joint duty tours-- throughout your career--will generally enhance your board competitiveness.

OVERSEAS. With 12 percent of Supply Corps 3100 billets located overseas, it is reasonable to anticipate Supply Corps Officers will have at least one overseas tour during a career. Although overseas tours can, at times, present challenges with respect to cultural differences, school age children, and spouse employment, these tours are most often both professionally and personally rewarding. 

DETAILING SEQUENCE AND APPROVAL PROCESS. In general, the chronological order of detailing cycle priorities are (1) O-5 Operational/ Command Ashore Slate; (2) Overseas/Joint;  (3) Specialty skill-sets; and (4) CONUS.  My commitment to you is to maintain open lines of communication with you, so you will know how your detail is proceeding.  GSAs, when there is a requirement, will always remain the top priority.

Of note:

  • PRDs for 1801 through 1812 will be worked starting in May 2017.  Some exceptions may be required (i.e. GSA timing, Joint timing, etc.).  
  • Preferences may be sent in at any time, but please help us to better focus on the details at hand by waiting to call to negotiate orders until you are in your respective window.  If you're a 2018 roller, you will be asked to provide preferences by email once the detailing cycle begins in May.
  • Effective communication is critical to the detailing process. Please provide your current e-mail (work and alternate) and work or other phone number to the 0-5 detailing team via email.  If you are in the process of transitioning to your next command, including GSAs, please include the contact email/phone number for the new command.  As always, keep us informed so we can better serve you.  My sincere thank you in advance!

Please feel free and call or e-mail either me, or my assistant, if you have any questions.  Our front office number is (901) 874-4611, DSN prefix 882.  I look forward to working with you to achieve the best possible detail.

NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
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