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This note solicits applications for Reserve Direct Commission Officer (DCO), leading to a commission as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy Reserve, designator 1655 Special Duty (Public Affairs).  Reserve enlisted personnel and civilians who meet eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply. 

Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree or higher from an accredited institution, preferably in the fields of communication, English, Journalism, broadcasting, public relations, rhetoric/speech, marketing, international studies or public administration. Applicants may not have passed their 42nd birthday at time of commissioning.

While the PAO Reserve DCO program is tailored towards enlisted media ratings, all enlisted ratings are eligible to apply.  We select applicants (enlisted and civilian) whose superior performance indicates they are the best qualified. 

There are Professional Reviews (PR) scheduled during the fiscal year.  

 - The first Professional Review for FY15 was held on 20 October 2014, nominating five applicants for commissioning to Navy Recruiting Command (NRC). 

 - The date for the first Professional Review for FY16 is 20 July 2015, with a deadline date for application submission to NRC no later than 20 June 2015.  Estimated quotas for FY16 are to be determined. 

The Chief of Information (CHINFO) conducts an administrative professional review of all applications.  CHINFO forwards the recommended selections to NRC, who notifies the applicants of their selection/non-selection via the applicant’s recruiter and/or Commanding Officer. 

Selectees will attend/complete the two-week DCO Indoctrination Course at Newport, RI within one year of commissioning, and have the opportunity to attend the Defense Information School (DINFOS) Public Affairs Qualification Course (PAQC-ADL-NR) 6-month on-line course, with the follow-on 2-week resident course (PAQC-ADL-R) at Ft. Meade, MD.

Apply through your Navy Officer Recruiter or Command Career Counselor.

Points of Contact:

LCDR Donald TOSO (Reserve OCM) (COMM) 901-874-3162    

Mr. Christopher Bishop (CHINFO Liaison) (COMM) 901-874-4023, (DSN) 882-4023