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EXCEPTION TO POLICY - Requests for Joint Experience Credit More than 12 Months after Experience Completion

See memo: Joint Experience Credit Exception to Policy dtd 27 SEP 2015

 In order to be eligible for this exception the following requirements must be met:
1) EJDA must have been after 1 OCT 2010
2) EJDA must not have been previously submitted to the panel
3) Only open to O-5 and O-6 Officers

If all requirements are met and you wish to self nominate for EJDA credit the JQS website is ready to accept entry of retroactive credit submission.  For questions regarding submission of EJDA credit please see below.


UPDATE Note:  All EJDA self-nomination packages requesting an intensity factor of 3 (i.e. duty in a combat zone) must include substantiating documentation for arrival/departure from the operating area to validate boots on ground (BOG) dates.  Approved documents include the following: Statement of Service, finance approved travel vouchers, and LES that reflects start/stop dates of IDP/HDP.  FITREPs, Award Citations, and endorsed/signed orders can be provided as supplemental documentation but are not considered standalone documents for the purpose of validating BOG dates.  Requested start and stop dates in E-JDA self-nomination packages should be clearly supported by the documents that are submitted. 


 Click here to read information from CJCS (J-1) on Experience Based Joint Qualification Nominations to help determine whether or not your experience meets the definition of Joint Matters


Due to the number of submissions and the frequency with which the Panel meets, the self-nomination process may take 6 to 12 months before your experience is adjudicated.  Your package will be reviewed only by submitting per the procedures listed in the link below.  Feedback will be provided as needed.  Once you have submitted your self-nomination package, the status is recorded on the same website and will be updated as necessary.  You will be referred to your DMDC account for all status inquiries.

You should self-nominate as soon as possible after completing your Joint experience, based on receipt of documentation including awards and FITREPS.  AC and RC officers have one year from the end date of their joint experience to self-nominate for E-JDA credit (CJCSI 1330.05). Reserve Component officers have until September 2013 to self-nominate their experience. Starting in September 2013, RC officers will have one year from the end date of their joint experience to self-nominate for E-JDA credit.

JQS E-JDA Self Nomination Website Link

Guide on How to Submit Experience

Definition of Joint Matters

***NEW***  E-JDA Lessons Learned and Best Practices  ***NEW***

The website looks like the IJES Worksheet and the answers you submit will populate the worksheet, so spend some time, be concise and clear about your experience.  What you input will be presented to the Review Panel.  This is your submission and it is your responsibility to produce a quality product.  We will verify all answers against your support documents.

We strongly recommend you complete the JES Draft Worksheet prior to logging into the DMDC Self Nomination website. That way you can just cut and paste your answers and reduce the chance of getting timed-out by the website and losing all your data. This is just a suggestion, not a requirement. You are limited to 340 characters in your answers on how you supported the various areas of the definition of Joint Matters.

IJES DRAFT Worksheet

Please ensure all uploaded files are SANITIZED and completely cover your SSN and the SSN of your reporting senior. Scan files at 150 dpi, black/white, in a .pdf format to help reduce the upload time.  You must login to the website using your CAC card to upload files.  Upload all fitreps as one file in order of oldest to most recent, awards as one file with write-up first then citation, and all other type docs as individual files. Name files as "LASTNAME Fitreps.pdf", LASTNAME Award JT COM.pdf" and so on. Call or email if you have a question on how to organize your files. Please contact the JQS Helpdesk via link at bottom of page of the new website if you have any website issues.

The website allows you to verify all your Joint Credit (EJDA, SJDA, and JPME I/II, just click on the "View Joint Officer History" link to verify. Contact us if you feel it is incorrect.


JQS Experienced Based Review Panel Schedule

Panel Dates 





***Points awarded should be visible in your Joint Officer History***
                shortly following release of panel results

February 2013
Fast Track Results
06 Panel Results
05 and Below Panel Results

May 2013
Fast Track Results
06 Panel Results
05 and Below Panel Results

October 2013
Fast Track Results
06 Panel Results
05 and Below Panel Results

February 2014
Fast Track Results not released
O6 Panel Results
O5 and Below Panel Results

May 2014
O6 and Below Panel Results

November 2014
O6 Panel Results

February 2015
O5 and Below Results
O6 Results
APH Results



JQS (AC) Action Officer PERS 450
Com (901) 874-3493
DSN 882-3493

JQS (RC) Action Officer PERS 911
Com (901) 874-3191
DSN 882-3191



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