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NAVADMIN 206/16 announces the Surface Warfare Officer Department Head Retention Bonus (SWO DHRB) for eligible SWOs.  While 1117 officers are eligible for this new bonus we are restricted by both statute and instruction from receiving the full bonus.  Every effort is being made to correct the issue as quickly as possible.  For the time being it is important that, until the corrections are made, eligible junior officers should not sign new bonus contracts. 
From the Chief of Naval Reserves...
"The Navy Reserve chain of command is aware of the FTS Officer Bonus inequity and is currently working with both ASN M&RA and the appropriate Congressional committees to address this issue in the FY17 NDAA.  However, in the event that this inequity is not approved for inclusion in the FY17 NDAA, the Navy Reserve is prepared to submit a FY18 Legislative Proposal.  If all else fails the Navy Reserve will submit a ULB [Unified Legislation and Budgeting Process] for consideration in the FY19 ULB process."
If you have any questions please call your detailer.

THE FTS SURFACE SHORE PICTURE (1117/1127/1137/1147)

Shore duty as a FTS is often independent duty. The average length of a command tour at a Reserve Center varies from 2-3 years. Reserve Center CO billets start at LT/LCDR and continue through CAPT. CDR billets are found in larger reserve centers. The largest reserve centers, such as Norfolk, San Diego, Washington, and Portland, are normally commanded by CAPTs. Most Reserve Centers drill 1-2 weekends a month. Major shore billets are in New Orleans, Washington, DC, and Millington, TN. A small number of overseas billets exist at commands such as COMNAVEUR, COMUSNAVCENT, COMNAVFOR KOREA, FLTACT CHINHAE.


Training and Administration of the Reserves (FTS) Surface Warfare Officers (SWO) have a career path that closely mirrors active duty SWOs.  Shore tours are focused on billets that support the Naval Reserve.   JOs are typically assigned as COs of small Naval Reserve Centers or as XOs/Training Officers at large reserve centers.  The career path of a FTS mirrors the sea/shore rotation of an active duty SWO.  A DIVO tour is followed by a shore tour and then on to DH School. The opportunity for screening for command and XO afloat are the same within a year group as for USN officers.  Generally, successful screening for the next SWO career milestone (DH/XO/CDR CMD) significantly improves an officer's competitiveness for their next statutory promotion (O-4/O-5/O-6).  The FTS detailers work closely with the USN SWO detailers to provide challenging and competitive billets at sea for FTS SWOs.  For additional information on SWO community issues refer to the PERS-41 webpage.


FTS Submarine Officer: - The FTS Submarine Community is seeking motivated submarine officers who are interested in challenging and rewarding tours as Submarine Force Operational Support Officers and leaders in Reserve Management positions.   Early command, unique duty station locations, direct contribution to the Submarine Force and competitive promotion opportunities are just a few of the benefits.


While still competitive for their next operational career milestone. SEAL FTS Officers also follow a dual career path alternating between operational tours and Reserve Management shore tours. At the CDR/CAPT level, most billets focus on Reserve Management. SEALs are eligible to command Reserve Centers available to their paygradeOther shore billets include Reserve Major Staffs and Operational Support Officer or Assistant Operational Support Officer on major or Type Commander staffs, in particular, Special Boat Squadrons, SPECWARCOM, SOCOM, and at the Group level. Many billets are available overseas.


Special Operations Officers also follow dual career paths. They can be assigned to any reserve center CO, XO, or Training Officer billet and nearly any of the reserve staff billets throughout the country including Operational Support Officer.


If selected for accession to return to active duty in the FTS program, junior SELRES officers (O-2/3) not screened for department head training can expect to return to sea duty (up to 24 months) for the purpose of screening for department head school before going ashore to a Reserve Program Management tour as Training Officer or Executive Officer of a large reserve center. Department Head screened Officers typically will proceed directly to their afloat department head tour via the six month department head training course in Newport, RI. Department head tours are currently comprised of two 18 month tours in accordance with the current department head sequencing plan. Upon completion of these two department head tours, FTS officers can expect to take command of a Naval Reserve Center or potentially remain at sea to improve their screening opportunity for Executive Officer afloat. Officers completing afloat XO tours are detailed to FTS billets ashore intended to keep them competitive for Commander Command screening.

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