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Welcome to the FTS AMDO Homepage

Established in 1990 the Full Time Support Aerospace Maintenance Duty Officer (AMDO) provide leadership and technical expertise in organic and commercial maintenance, logistics and program management of reserve aviation weapon systems, and reserve management support to the Naval Aviation Enterprise.   

Current or prospective aviation maintenance professionals or personnel who have an interest in Navy Aviation Maintenance Management are encouraged to navigate these pages to gain a better understanding of the highly skilled men and women who make up the FTS AMDO community. 

Redesignation board information can be found on the FTS Reserve OCM website.

Questions about this section of the web site or about the FTS AMDO community in general, should be directed to the FTS AMDO detailer at (901) 874-4076 or DSN 882-4076.


Because 60% of FTS AMDO billets are Acquisition coded, current training and certification standards are "must know gouge" for all FTS AMDOs (and those considering lateral transfer into the community).  

FTS AMDOs have 24 months after reporting to a workforce billet to reach the required level of certification in their primary career field. 

Once certified in their primary career field, officers may pursue training and certification in career fields complementary to the community's mission.

Primary career fields in the FTS AMDO community include:
>Production, Quality & Manufacturing
>Program Management
>Life Cycle Logistics

Additionally, Defense Acquisition Corps membership is considered a keystone in FTS AMDO professional development.

Junior officers not currently assigned to coded billets are encouraged to request introductory DAU courses (web-based) in the career fields mentioned above. See the eDACM website for course registration information, career field certification checklists and a wealth of other useful information. You can also download a copy of your DAU transcript while you're there!

Refer to the links to the right for additional guidance.  If you have questions, please give your Career Manager a call at (901) 874-4076 or DSN 882-4076.