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Welcome to the FTS Aviation Homepage

For information on the previous and upcoming FTS Boards, please visit the FTS Transfer web pages at the OCM site. 



If you would like to contact me, please call DSN 882-4146 or commercial (901) 874-4146.

Aviation Accessions

The most common question for an FTS applicant is “What should I expect after being selected for re-designation?”

First, you will receive notification from PERS 9 on the specific community that you were selected for and given an opportunity to either accept or decline the re-designation.

After all officers have accepted/declined, you will be contacted by the FTS Aviation detailer who will provide possible squadron options with a request for your preferences.

"Which squadrons are available to FTS officers?"

Fleet Logistics (VR)  new VR accessions will normally be detailed to one of the four C40 squadrons or one of the five C130 squadrons for their Department Head tour.  There is one remaining C9 squadron (transitioning to C40s in the near future) that a new accession could be detailed to as well.

VR51 Hawaii, operates C20G

C130 Hercules Squadrons        C40 Clipper Squadrons

VR 53 Washington, DC            VR 56 Norfolk, VA

VR 54 New Orleans, LA            VR 57 San Diego, CA

VR 55 Pt Mugu, CA                 VR 58 Jacksonville, FL

VR 62 Jacksonville, FL             VR 59 Fort Worth, TX

VR 64 Fort Dix, NJ                  VR 61 Whidbey Island, WA

Executive Transport Detachment  (ETD) operates Gulfstreams. Transportation of Flag officers (ETD or VR1) requires an officer to have gained VR experience in one of the other VR squadrons. Officers detailed into these squadrons must be endorsed by their command leadership.

ETD Hawaii C20A

ETD Sigonella C37A

VR1 Washington DC, operates Gulfstreams

VFA/VFC Squadrons Provide adversary support/training to the fleet.

VFC 12 Norfolk, VA, operates F18 Hornets

VFC 13 Fallon, NV, operates F5 Tigers

VFC 111 Key West, FL, operates F5 Tigers

VFA 204 New Orleans, LA, operates F18 Hornets

VAQ transitioning summer of 2013 to Whidbey Island and Growlers.

VAQ 209 Washington, DC operates Prowlers

VP Squadrons

VP 62 Jacksonville, FL, operates P3 Orions

VP 69 Whidbey Island, operates P3 Orions

HSL conducts counter drug ops Airborne Use of Force (AUF), FIRESCOUT UAVs

HSL 60 Mayport, Fl, operates SH60B

HM Squadrons

HM 14 and HM 15 Norfolk, VA, operate MH53 conducting Minesweeping operations.

HSC Squadrons

HSC 21 San Diego, CA, operates H60S conducting SCORE operations

HSC 84 Norfolk, VA, operates H60H conducting CSAR SOF operations

HSC 85 San Diego, CA, operates H60H conducting CSAR SOF operations

CNATRA  The Training Command community is divided into Propeller (VTP) and Jet (VTJ). The helicopter training (HT) squadrons fall into the VTP community for Aviation Command opportunity.  The squadrons are mainly comprised of active component officers but there are FTS specific billets spread across each Training Wing.

VTP Squadrons

VT 2/3/6 Milton, FL, operating T6 Texans

VT 10 Pensacola, FL, operating T6 Texans

HT 8/18/28 Milton, FL operating TH57 Bell Jet Rangers

VT 27/28 Corpus Christi, TX, operating T6 Texans

VT 31 Corpus Christi, TX operating T44 Pegasus

VT 35 Corpus Christi, TX operating TC12 Huron

VTJ Squadrons

VT 7/9 Meridian, MS, operating T45 Goshawk

VT 21/22 Kingsville, TX, operating T45 Goshawk

VT 86 Pensacola, FL operating T45 Goshawk