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NOSC Command
O3 - O5 NOSCs
O3 - O5 NOSCs 


         **Updated 3 February 2014**

*** Preferences are due 1 April 2014 ***

NOSC DES MOINES                   LT/LCDR              201409

NOSC CHATTANOOGA               LT/LCDR              201412

NOSC BATTLE CRK                    LCDR/CDR           201501

NOSC RENO                              LT/LCDR              201501

NOSC ANCHORAGE                   LT                        201502

NOSC BANGOR ME                    LT                        201502

NOSC CHARLESTON                  CDR                     201502

NOSC COLUMBIA SC                 LCDR/CDR           201502

NOSC SCHENECTADY                LCDR/CDR           201502

NOSC EL PASO  TX                    LCDR/CDR           201503

NOSC OKLAHOMA OK                LCDR/CDR           201503

NOSC KNOXVILLE                     LCDR/CDR           201503

NOSC SAGINAW MI                   LT/LCDR              201503

NOSC MERIDIAN MS                  LT/LCDR              201504

NOSC TUCSON AZ                     LCDR/CDR           201504

NOSC WICHITA KS                    LT/LCDR              201504

NOSC AUGUSTA GA                   LT/LCDR              201505

NOSC EARLE NJ                         LCDR/CDR           201505

NOSC GREENVILLE SC               LCDR/CDR           201505

NOSC GUAM                              LCDR/CDR           201505

NOSC MANCHESTER NH             LT/LCDR              201505

NOSC NEWPORT RI                    CDR                    201505

NOSC SAN JOSE CA                    CDR                    201505 

Fill dates are projections and subject to change based on the incumbent Commanding officers follow on orders and career milestones.

All Naval Officers should aspire to become a commanding officer.  They should choose assignments and seek education to better themselves professionally.  If you are interested in command of a Naval Operational Support Center (NOSC), visit the NOSC Command website.

NOTE: This list is subject to change.  


The slating process is based on individual preferences, career progression, and needs of the Navy.  NOSC Command screened officers shall submit a ranked preference list.  The list must include all those NOSCs for which you are pay grade eligible.  For example; O5s are eligible for CDR and LCDR/CDR NOSCs. Junior officers may also include a limited number commands 1 rank above their current pay grade.


You may insert one ranked bid for “Deferred/Future Slating” into your preference list.  Place your defer bid at the point where you would rather be removed from current consideration in favor of a potential future slating or detailing. Please note that your Defer bid does not preclude you from being slated to any of the remaining commands if the needs of the Navy come into play, it is just another means of communicating your preferences.



CDR John Kruk

1.    Honolulu

2.    Miami

3.    Orlando

4.    DEFER

5.    Bessemer

6.    New Orleans

7.    Lemoore

8.    Millington


In the example above, CDR Kruk is telling the board that he would rather not be slated than to be given command of NOSCs  #5-8; Bessemer, New Orleans, Lemoore, and Millington. Ultimately, the board's ability to honor a defer bid will be predicated on the number of applicants versus the number commands i.e. 10 commands and 15 applicants means 5 officers may be deferred; 5 commands and 5 officers results in 0 deferred slates. Every effort will be made to honor your preferences.


    You are highly encouraged to provide amplifying remarks about each of your rankings and to discuss your list with your detailer.


Submit via e-mail to: and your detailer.


NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000 
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