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The responsibility for reviewing and updating your Official Records is YOURS alone. This is especially important when you’re up for a selection board, but should be done periodically as well. The three records to be concerned with are your Officer Data Card (ODC), Official Military Personnel File (Electronic Record), and Officer Summary Record (OSR)/Performance Summary Record (PSR).

You can view and print your ODC/OSR/PSR online at BUPERS ONLINE. If you are having problems accessing the site please call the BUPERS Helpdesk at 1-866-U-ASK NPC.

Order your OMPF by filling out the request form.  NAVADMIN 259/03 has the details.

Review your record carefully, documents can become blurred, dark, or in extreme cases, missing during the digitization process. Pay particular attention to the legibility of your FITREPs, personal award citations, and your photograph. If you need to submit documents to update your record, follow directions provided by PERS-312.

BUPERS maintains a dedicated room for officers to review their records on the same computer systems used by members of selection boards. If in the Millington area, it would be well worth your time to drop by and review your record online. Contact us and we'll provide directions.

Selection Boards

If you know or think your record will be going before a Board, you should not wait until it convenes before reviewing and trying to get a document added or removed to the OMPF (image) record. We recommend that a member use the board checklist to review their record no less than six (6) months prior to a convening date.  This applies also to officer photographs, they should be sent in a minimum of (6) months before a Selection Boards.

Note, Correspondence sent to the Board as a ‘Board Package’ stays at the Board, after the board convenes, the board will destroy all document sent to them – they are not sent to us for scanning to the member’s record. If you need to submit a package to the board, follow the Promotion Board Correspondence guidelines

For Officer Precedence Numbers (aka "Lineal Numbers"), contact the NPC Customer Service Center at 866-U-ASK-NPC or email

The following MILPERMAN articles (1070 series) pertain to the Officer Permanent Personnel Record.  (Go to References for direct links)

·   MILPERSMAN 1000-020  Pay and Personnel Record

·   Maintenance Responsibilities

·   MILPERSMAN 1070-020  Officer Permanent Personnel Record

·   MILPERSMAN 1070-030  Creating the Officer Permanent Personnel Record

·   MILPERSMAN 1070-180  Officer Photographs



The most common correction actions required are:

Correcting your ODC

The ODC database feeds into your OSR/PSR (which is a primary tool for selection boards) - so accuracy is paramount. For ODC corrections, refer to the Point of Contact Listing in Appendix E of The Manual of Navy Officer Manpower and Personnel Classifications (NAVPERS 15839) Vol II.

Officer Photographs

Color pictures are required. See NAVADMIN 103/07 and MILPERSMAN Article 1070-180 for details. Your photo (full length, in khakis) should be mounted on the NAVPERS 1070/884 form and sent to BUPERS (PERS-313), 5720 Integrity Drive Millington, TN 38055-3130.

Reconciling and Updating Your Awards

Service Awards

Copies of service record entries (NAVPERS 1070/604; NAVPERS 1070/613; or NAVPERS 1070/880) that document a member’s entitlement or eligibility to wear unit awards, campaign and service medals, non-military U.S. decorations, non-military service awards, foreign military decorations, and marksmanship awards will be filed in your OMPF record.

Information from Service award documentation is also recorded into your data record (ESR, etc.).  The award documentation (certificates/write-up) does not go to NPC for filing in the OMPF record.

Certificates or Letters of Appreciation/Commendation (LOA’s / LOC’s) are not scanned to the OMPF record; they are recorded/updated in the same manner as service awards above.

Service awards do not go in the NDAWS system, see NDAWS FAQ section for further information.

To update your service awards records (NAVPERS form, or ESR), please contact your Personnel Office.

Personal Awards

If your award records (ESR/NDAWS/OMPF/PSR) are not agreeing with each other for your personal awards, there are several steps involved with getting them matched up and or updated.

If you are trying to correct an award that was issued incorrectly (i.e. spelling errors, wrong award number) you must contact the command that authorized the award.  Once the command sends you the corrected award, submit a quality copy to PERS-313 for replacing the one already in your record.

Steps to Reconcile Your Awards

To reconcile your awards follow the steps below in order:

Step 1:  Is the award listed in NDAWS?

Yes.  Go To Step 3; Check Your Online Record (ESR, OSR, and PSR)
No.   Do The Following:

• Make a good quality black and white copy of your missing award certificate (the one with the embossed, color picture of the award).  (Note: home printers/copiers do not copy well, if the result is poor, letters are light; fuzzy you will need to use a professional copier – see your Personnel Office/PSD).
• Write your SSN at the top left-hand corner of each copy you are sending.
• If your award is a Meritorious Service Medal or higher (excluding the Purple Heart), then you must also submit the citation that came with the certificate.  The citation usually has 18-22 lines of text.
• Send the copies of your certificates/citations to your NDAWS Authority.  See “Your NDAWS Authority” above.
• NDAWS will update the other electronic systems (ESR, ETJ, OSR, and PSR) in approximately 1-2 weeks.

Step 2:  Is the “NDAWS Search Results Listing” correct?

Yes.  Go To Step 3; Check Your Online Record (ESR, OSR, PSR)
No.   Do The Following:

If you have duplicate entries, entries that do not belong, or questions about the NDAWS Search Results Listing, you must contact your NDAWS Authority; see “Your NDAWS Authority” above.

Step 3:  Is the award listed in the Online Record (ESR, OSR, and PSR)?

Yes.  Next, check your OMPF (image) record (Step 4)
No.   Do The Following: (This only applies if the award is in NDAWS but not in your PSR/OSR)

• Ensure your SSN is at the top left-hand corner and write “In NDAWS but not in OSR/PSR” at the top.
Include a phone number/email address where you can be reached.
• Fax your missing award to PERS-312A at (901) 874-2001.
• See Important Notes below.

Step 4:  Is the award listed in your OMPF record?

          Yes.  No Further Action
          No.   Do The Following:

Mail a legible, clean copy of the signed citation, with your SSN printed in the upper left hand corner, to PERS-313, no cover letter is required.

Note:  If the award was recently added into NDAWS (within the past 14 months) do not mail.

Fitness Reports

Ideally, you should have complete continuity throughout your career, with no gaps or overlaps on regular reports. BUPERS generally considers a gap greater than 90 days to be significant, but it is advisable to review the entire record for any gaps or overlaps. You can correct administrative errors yourself by following the procedures in the BUPERSINST 1610.10.  If  you have any issues accessing your continuity of reports from the BOL links, please contact PERS-32, customer service desk at DSN 882-4881, 882-4882, 882-3313,  or commercial (901) 874-4881/4882/3313 or by electronic mail at

Missing Transcripts

To update your ODC in accordance with policy, have the University send an official sealed transcript for entry into your record.  If you picked up a sealed transcript locally, you can also send this to the address below (it must remain sealed).  This ensures the highest quality of your permanent file for viewing on the OMPF.  PERS-45 also accepts electronic transcripts direct from the registrar sent to PERS-45E to, but with NMCI limitations, this has a 50% success rate.  Here is the regular hard address for all others to be sent:

Naval Personnel Command
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055-4500

SUB Specialty Codes

Officer subspecialty codes provide the Navy with a means to track specific skill sets beyond those described by an officer's designator.  Those with subspecialty codes are eligible for an array of challenging assignments throughout the Navy.  For Contact Information and more detail concerning Subspecialties, contact PERS-45E at 901-874-4992 or 901-874-4946

To apply for a subspec, see NAVPRODEV


Again, you are responsible for our own record.  As your Detailers, we are always available to advise, assist and guide you in the process and help ensure awards and FITREPS issued close to the start of the board make it to the board on time.  Please ensure you must do your part and start early to ensure your record is up to date before your next screening or selection board.  Be sure to call or send us email if you have a records problem we haven’t covered here.


NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000 
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