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Senior Detailer (CDR/CAPT) - CAPT Sheryl Richardson

Junior Officer Detailer (Second Tour LT/LCDR) - LCDR Tim Raymie

Junior Officer Detailer (ENS/LTJG/First Tour LT(less than 6 yrs commissioned service)/CWO) - LCDR Ed McLellan

 Officer Distribution ProcessOfficer distribution is the assignment of specific naval officers to fill the identified requirements of the service. The officer distribution process basically consists of identifying and placing a requirement (placement) and assigning an officer to fill the requirement (assignment).

Placement Officer

Placement officers at Navy Personnel Command (NAVPERSCOM) represent the commands under their cognizance in the distribution process. Placement officers are charged with the responsibility of properly executing the policies of NAVPERSCOM and ensuring the best match between billet requirements and officer qualifications.


The assignment officer, also referred to as a detailer, represents the officer's interest in the distribution process. Assignment officers are responsible for ensuring that career needs and personal interests of each officer are served fairly. Distribution is made on a career community basis.

Triad of Detailing

Each duty assignment is governed by the "Triad of Detailing," which include needs of the Navy, career needs of the individual, and desires of the individual. Assignment officers consider these three areas before determining an officer's assignment.

Needs of the Navy

Needs of the Navy are the primary consideration in each officer's assignment and override all other factors. These needs are met by filling a valid billet requirement with the best officer available. Command requirements are screened by the placement officer (who represents the command) and furnished to the assignment officer (who represents the individual officer).

Career Needs of the Individual

Operational, technical, and managerial areas of development are key elements in every officer's career progression. This system is structured to develop officers who are capable of performing in key technical and managerial assignments, as well as warfare/staff specialties. Each officer community has a basic career path that develops its officers to assume positions of increasing responsibility.

Desires of the Individual

The desires of the individual, although listed third in the Triad of Detailing, are extremely important. In this area, the morale of the officer and, in many instances, the family, are affected. The working spouse factor is specifically considered in the assignment process; however, the employment status of the spouse does not take priority over the needs of the Navy or the career needs of the individual. The decision by a spouse to accept paid employment, to attend school, to participate voluntarily in activities related to the Naval Service, or to do none of these will not be influenced by the preferences or requirements of the Navy. In addition, neither this decision nor the individual's marital status will have an effect on assignments or selection boards.

NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000 
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