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         PERS-4013 is separated into three distinct branches – placement support, rating support and distribution support.

Placement Support (PS)

- Command representative in the detailing process and the Manning Control Authorities’ (MCAs) agent
- Monitor deployment readiness by UIC
- Process Enlisted Manning Inquiry Reports (EMIRs) and Personnel Manning Assistance Reports (PERSMARs) submitted by the fleet
- Review Enlisted Distribution Verification Reports (EDVRs)
- Work with commands to ensure NPC receives the most accurate enlisted demand signal possible

Rating Support (RS)

- Analyze rating health (near term, 0-12 months) and work to improve enlisted distributable manning from a sea/shore readiness viewpoint
- Regularly review Navy Manning Plan (NMP) allocations for each rating, and work with the MCAs via the Distribution Support team to rewrite NMP when needed, ensuring equitable distribution of available Sailors
-Set CMS/ID based on manning priorities according to MCA business rules
- Evaluate personnel assignment actions (PCS orders and directed manning actions) to ensure the right person was detailed to the right job at the right time
- Coordinate active duty enlisted support for worldwide Overseas Contingency Operations Support Assignments (OSA)

Distribution Support (DS)

- Responsible for the award/removal/correction of NECs outside of the Corporate Enterprise Training Activity Reporting System (CeTARS) for all Active, FTS, and SELRES personnel
- Responsible for the review/development of current and future systems to improve detailing and placement processes
- Responsible for tracking and monitoring the health of enlisted distributable Sailors