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404 Rating Health

 Airframes Ratings  Slide
 Aviation Machinist's Mate    
     J020 (AD-FTS) slide
 Aviation Structural Mechanic    A130 (AM) slide

 J080 (AM-FTS) slide

 Aviation Boatswain's Mate Ratings  Slide
 Aviation Boatswain's Mate    A100 (AB) slide
 Aviation Boatswain's Mate-Launch/Recovery    A101 (ABE) slide
 Aviation Boatswain's Mate-Fuels    A102 (ABF) slide
 Aviation Boatswain's Mate-Aircraft handling    A103 (ABH) slide
 Avionics Ratings    Slide
 Aviation Electrician's Mate    A200 (AE) slide
     J030 (AE-FTS) slide
 Aviation Ordnanceman    A420 (AO) slide
   J100(AO-FTS) slide
 Aviation Electronics Technician    A210 (AT) slide
     J130 (AT-FTS) slide
 Aircrewman Ratings  NEC  Slide
 Aircrew Readiness Manager    A500 (AW) slide
 Aircrewman Mechanical  Overall  A530 (AWF) slide
   Overall  J154 (AWF-FTS) slide
   G16A (8209)  AWF FTS (G16A) slide
   8220  A530 (AWF) slide
   8220  J154 (AWF-FTS) slide
   8227  A530 (AWF) slide
   G20A (8235)  AWF (G20A) slide
   8241  A530 (AWF) slide
   G22A (8245)  AWF FTS (G22A) slide
   8250  J154 (AWF-FTS) slide
   8251  A530 (AWF) slide 
   G25A (8251)  AWF FTS (G25A) slide
   8252  A530 (AWF) slide
   8252  J154 (AWF-FTS) slide
   8278  A530 (AWF) slide
   G28A (8279)  AWF (G28A) slide
​ 778A (8289) ​ AWF FTS (778A) slide
 Aircrewman Operator  Overall  A520 (AWO) slide
   G04A (7835)  AWO (G04A) slide
   G06A (7841)  AWO (G06A) slide
   G07A (7842)  AWO (G07A) slide
   G08A (7861)  AWO (G08A) slide
   G09A (7862)  AWO (G09A) slide
 Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator SH-60R  Overall  A505 (AWR) slide
   7873  A505 (AWR) slide
   G11A (7875)  AWR (G11A) slide
   G12A (7876)

 AWR (G12A) slide

​ 0540  A505 (AWR)_slide
​ 777A (8210) ​ AWR (777A) slide
​ 8367 ​ A505 (AWR) slide



 Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator SH-60S  Overall  A510 (AWS) slide
   G34A (7805)  AWS (G34A) slide
   G01A (7807)  AWS (G01A) slide
   G13A (7886)  AWS (G13A) slide
​ 8210  ​​A510 (AWS)_slide
​ 8367 A510 (AWS) slide
 Aircrewman Avionics  Overall  A550 (AWV) slide
   G019A (8229)  AWV (G19A) slide
   G029A (8284)  AWV (G29A) slide
   9401  A550 (AWV) slide
   9402  A550 (AWV) slide
 Environmental / Survival Ratings    Slide
 Aviation Structural Mechanic-Safety Equipment    A131 (AME) slide
     J081 (AME-FTS) slide
 Aircrew Survival Equipmentman    A450 (PR) slide
     J180 (PR-FTS) slide
Flight Line Ratings  Slide
 Air Traffic Controller  A400 (AC) slide
 Aerographer's Mate  A410 (AG) slide
 Aviation Support Equipment Technician  A430 (AS) slide
 J120 (AS-FTS) slide
 Maintenance Admin Rating  Slide
 Aviation Maintenance Administrationman A440 (AZ) slide
J170 (AZ-FTS) slide
 MCPO Ratings  NEC  Slide
Aviation Maintenance Material Control Master Chief  8300  MMCPO slide
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