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CMS ID.  It is your responsibility to know when your negotiation window starts and ends. Nine months before your PRD, you are in the order negotiation window, and at seven months before your PRD you are in your last month. One thing to remember, at any time during your negotiation window you can be directly assigned orders based on fleet manning.  When using CMS-ID, remember that billets are listed based on priority which is established by Fleet Forces Command and Manning Control Authority, not your detailers. We are obligated to fill all billets displayed on CMS-ID every month.  We recommend that you apply for up to 5 billets a month in your pay-grade to increase your chances of selection. Depending on your pay-grade, and the month this might not be an option.  If that is the case, contact your detailer and establish communication. By waiting for that “specific job” or by making only one application, or none at all you could find yourself receiving orders based on needs of the Navy at anytime within your negotiation window. When making requests for assignment, be realistic and ensure applications are in accordance with your sea/shore rotation outlined in NAVADMIN 361/12.

MANNING.  If you have concerns or questions about manning at your Command, please contact your Command’s Placement Coordinator with PERS4013.  Detailers do not control manning, or getting billets onto CMS-ID.  As a detailer our job is to fill all billets displayed on CMS-ID with the best candidate based on needs of the Navy, career needs of the individual, and desires of the individual.

CWAY.  For Sailors with less than 14 years on active duty (E6 and below) please ensure that by your nine month mark to EAOS/PRD that you have received a CWAY quota.  Not having CWAY approval will impact your selection for orders.

Sea Duty Incentive Pay (SDIP).  For Chief’s you can earn $700 per month and for QM1’s, $600 per month, which is paid in a lump sum payment based on the number of months that you curtail your shore tour, or extend on sea duty.  For extensions or back to back tours you must have completed your PST at your PRD in order to qualify.  SDIP is for service members that desire to curtail their shore duty tours and return to sea duty early (C), extend at their present sea duty Command beyond their normal sea flow (E), or desire to negotiate for a back to back sea duty (B) tour.  If interested, contact your detailer at least 12 months prior to your PRD.  For information concerning SDIP, see NAVADMIN’s 070/07, 231/12, or PDM 008-13. 

Security clearances.  If you allow your security clearance to expire, then you will not be able to negotiate for orders until it is adjudicated.  Leadership and your Command Security manager should be tracking this at your Command, but make sure that you verify your security clearance is valid and not due to expire prior to entering your window for orders. 

In closing, we are here to assist you in the order negotiation process; however the mission of manning the fleet is our priority.  There are over 2,300 Quartermasters in the US Navy, so we do not have the time or manpower to hunt people down.  Knowing when you are in your window and establishing communication with your detailers is your responsibility.  Hopefully, your detailing experience is a positive one.

“Mission First / Sailors Always”

Current Sea/Shore Flow

Tour                Sea                          Shore
1st tour           54 months                36 months      
2nd tour          60 months                36 months
3rd tour           48 months                36 months
4th tour           48 months                36 months
All other tours  36 months               36 months

ASVAB Requirements
VE + AR = 96

"A" School Information

       Location                             Duration
Great Lakes, Illinois                    40 days

Your Detailers contact information:
QMC (SW/AW) Maxwell
Lead Quartermaster Detailer (E6-E9)

QM1 (SW) Howard
Quartermaster Detailer (E1-E5)


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