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***Commands should visit Placement Management (PERS-4013) for questions regarding billets advertised on CMS/ID***

• There are significant changes to CMS/ID and the process to how Sailors are selected  for billets as advertised on CMS/ID.  It is critical that you understand the new  selection process.  Please see NAVADMIN 226/12 for further information.
• We have immediate openings for career enhancing billets for Recruit Divisions  Commanders and Recruiters.  There are substantial monetary and other benefits  available for these Sailorization billets.  Go to RDC and Recruiting for benefits  and eligibility requirements.
• Sailors interested in applying for Instructor Duty billets as advertised on CMS/ID  should review MILPERSMAN articles 1306-900 (Assignment of Enlisted Personnel to  Special Programs) and 1306-953 (Instructor Duty) for minimum eligibility  requirements for assignment.

If you have any questions, utilize your chain of command, Command Career Counselor and never be afraid to contact your Detailer.


Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) Coordinators at Sea (3MC)

Are there no in-rate billets available for you at sea?  Are you a highly motivated leader and desire increased responsibility and challenge?  Do you desire an assignment to a specific geographical area?  Consider assignment as a 3MC.  Contact your detailer to determine your eligibility.  Remember – your detailer must release you to the 3MC Detailer before he (the 3MC Detailer) can discuss specific duty station assignments with you.  Check out the 3MC webpage for additional information.


Current Sea/Shore Flow

    TOUR                        SEA                      SHORE
     1st                      54 months              36 months
     2nd                     54 months              36 months
All other tours          36 month                36 months

ASVAB Requirement

VE + AR = 88

"A" School Information 

      Location                            Duration
Fort Lee, Virginia                      4 weeks