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 Amphibious Warfare

At the heart of Amphibious Warfare are the Navy's LCAC's. They are $22 million dollar Landing craft manned by entirely enlisted crews with a CPO or above in charge.

The LCAC CRAFTMASTER (NEC-0167) is open to all ratings E7 to E9. Having the sole responsibility of a $22 million dollar craft, crew and everything onboard is an excellent opportunity to show the Navy you have the right stuff for advancement.

The LCAC ENGINEER (NEC-4131) is a position similar to that of the ship's Chief Engineer. The source ratings are  GSE, GSM, EN, DC, EM, HT, MR, and MM ratings in paygrades E5 and E6. You will be responsible for the operation, preventative, and corrective maintenance of the engineering plant. In addition to engineering responsibilities, you will be cross trained to fly the craft in the event the Craftmaster becomes incapacitated.

The LCAC NAVIGATOR (NEC-0304) is responsible for mission planning, navigation, beach assaults, and craft communications. This position is open to OS, QM, AW, ET, and ET (SS) ratings in paygrades E5 and E6.

The LCAC LOADMASTER (NEC-0172) is responsible for the proper loading and offloading of all cargo and passengers. In addition they are the Craft Armor.  This position is open to BM, GSM,GSE and ABH ratings in paygrades E3 and E6.

The DECK ENGINEER (NEC-4130) assists the Craft Engineer in the operation, preventive and corrective maintenance. This position is open to GSE, GSM and the HT rating. Paygrades E4 thru E5.

Some of the initial entry requirements for NEC’s 0167, 4131, & 0304 are:

ASVAB score GS+AR+MK+EI = 204 or greater
Must obtain a 2nd class swim qualification
Eyesight cannot be greater than 20/100, correctable to 20/20, no color blindness.
You must then be able to successfully pass a complete flight physical and a psychomotor skills test.
Requirements differ for NEC's 0172 and 4130.
"Additionally, the GS Detailers control the billets for Prop and Lift (NEC 4133) for GSM's and Craft Control (NEC 4135) for GSE's. These personnel conduct additional maintenance on the craft. Contact the GS Detailers, or apply on CMS for these billets."

LCAC’s deploy on a variety of platforms, most commonly LSD’S, LHD’s, and LHA’s.

The training is very challenging and rewarding! If you are interested and think that you have what it takes to be an LCAC crewmember, call or E-mail me.

Prerequisite NKO Course

Course Name: Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) Operations Prerequisite Course
Navy Knowledge Online

LCAC Program Detailer

COMM: (901) 874-3845
DSN: 882-3845
FAX: (901) 874-2649

Check Out These LCAC Links!!!

ACU-4 - lots of interactive stuff, and they even have a movie.

General Characteristics

Description: Air cushion craft for transporting, ship-to-shore and across the beach, personnel, weapons, equipment, and cargo of the assault elements of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

Features: The landing craft air cushion (LCAC) is a high-speed, over-the-beach fully amphibious landing craft capable of carrying very large payloads. It is used to transport weapons systems, equipment, cargo and personnel from ship to shore and across the beach. The advantages of air-cushion landing craft are numerous. They can carry heavy payloads, such as an M-1 tank, at high speeds. Their payload and speed mean more forces reach the shore in a shorter time, with shorter intervals between trips. The air cushion allows this vehicle to reach more than 70 percent of the world's coastline, while conventional landing craft can land at only 15 percent of the coasts.

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