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NOSC Command Chiefs

DCC(SW/AW) Dager J. Hatch
NOSC Command Chief Detailer

A Command Chief Challenge

Below are current Command Chief jobs at Naval Operational Support Centers across the country. This is an excellent leadership opportunity for a Chief or Senior Chief (go to the CMC E8 /E9 page for NOSC Senior Chief positions) looking for a shore duty position with responsibilities normally performed by Command Master Chiefs. The majority of Chiefs out there assume that a job like this is a career ender. This can't be farther from the truth. A Command Chief is the senior enlisted at the command and will be the go to person in all personnel matters normally performed by Command Master Chiefs, only on a smaller scale. You will be responsible for overseeing medical, supply, reserve services, admin, and training departments and ensuring that they are fully functional and ready to support drilling reservists. If you are interested in this leadership challenge, contact your rating detailer for more information.

The High Pri NOSC's have one CPO billet, they need to be filled. 

Step up, take the hard job.


  Contact DCC Hatch for the most current NOSC availabilities. 


***Put In For My Command***

- NOSC CO's - Email me the highlights of your command so the Chief's will know why they want to come serve with you. 
DCC(SW/AW) Hatch