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AZC(AW/EXW) Joseph Salgado

AE/AO/AZ E1 - E7 FTS Detailer

Notes from the Detailer

  • AZ Community.  There are plenty of sea duty billets available for AZ1 and shore duty billets for AZ2 / AZ3.  If you are entering your PRD window talk to your CCC to discuss career goals and contact me. 

  • AE Community.  Multiple sea duty billets available for AEC and overall not enough shore duty billets for all pay grades.  If you are entering your PRD window talk to your CCC and contact me.

  • AO Community.  There have been many conversions into the rate.  If you are new conversion, contact me directly to discuss your next set of orders.  

  • Below are a few items to consider when you enter your negotiation window:
    - Sea/Shore rotation is a key element for career diversity and progression
    - Communication is important before and during the negotiation process
     - Apply for billets in CMS-ID, be flexible. 

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please email me or call, (901)-874-3197.

AMCS(AW) Louis Friscoe

AM/AS E1 - E7 FTS Detailer

Notes from the Detailer

  • General note:  Please be advised that all spouse colocation 1306’s need to be submitted one year out from your PRD. Both detailers need both 1306’s from both commands to meet the location request. Do not submit a 1306 while you are in the negotiating window for a PRD extension, spouse colocation or for HYT waiver. Once you are in your negotiating window you will need to apply for orders in CMS ID even if you don’t see your ideal location I recommend applying for something. Please remember that owning a house, children in school, spouse in school, retiring soon or because you don’t want to leave an area are not part of negotiating orders. If you are an “EFM” family, ensure your status is updated before negotiating orders.  Also the minimum requirements to transfer are found in MILPERSMAN 1306-106, i.e. minimum of 12 months needed until EAOS for sea duty, 24 months to shore duty and 36 months for special duty.  If you are retiring or separating in two years you will most likely transfer.
  • AS FTS Community: There are very limited billets for the FTS, AS community. I have started to fill REGNAV billets with AS FTS Sailors overseas and on ships. Understand if you have been on shore duty for at least two tours in a row I will be looking to send you to a sea duty billet especially if you do not have a warfare pin.
  • AM FTS Community:  As always there are plenty of sea duty billets for AM’s but limited areas. Jacksonville, Fort Worth and San Diego are very desirable locations but they are not the only areas where the Navy has squadrons; be flexible while negotiating.
  • All conversions into the AM or AS FTS community will be sent, if approved, to “A” school in Pensacola, FL.  Sailors will attend the basic course and the ultimate duty station will NOT be determined until the last weeks of the class graduation have been identified.

AWFCS(AW/NAC) Joe Mensinger

AD/AWF E1 - E7 FTS Detailer

Notes from the Detailer

  • AWF FTS Community: Currently the most undermanned NEC in our community is 8252 (C-130FE).  If you are in your negotiation window it is highly likely that you may be selected to this platform even if you are currently not in this platform.  All highly motivated E-5s that are approaching their negotiation window are advised to consider this NEC. 

  • AD FTS Community: Conversions into the AD community will be sent if approved to AD A school in Pensacola, FL upon reenlistment into the FTS community.  Once at the A school the Sailor will go through the first portion of the school which is the core basics.  Upon completion of core, the Sailor will be given a "strand" class.  This strand class will determine the platform that the Sailor will serve in upon completion of A school.  The three strands are helicopter, jet and turbo-props.  The A school will then send the detailer a graduation roster informing the detailer to what platform orders should be written to.  The Sailor’s ultimate duty station will be determined by the needs of the Navy and may not be known until the final week of the strand.

PRCS(AW/SW) Jason Hicks
AME/AT/PR E1 - E7 FTS Detailer

Notes from the Detailer

  • AT Community:  The PERS 4013 Team at NPC has completed the rate review for the AT rate.  Billets should increase slightly throughout the next two CMSID cycles.  Please continue to monitor CMSID and bid on any billets within your pay grade that may interest you.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to call or email me.
  • PR Community:  The PR Community is very small.  There are several billets that need to be filled.  Please keep in mind when bidding on CMSID, the jobs that are advertised need to be filled before new jobs will populate.  Please call or email me with any questions or concerns.     
  • AME Community:  AME billets are very limited.  The PERS 4013 Team is currently performing a rate review for the AME rate.  This should allow some new billets to populate if needed.  Continue to monitor CMSID for available billets.  Please call or email me with any questions or comments.
  • General Comment:  If you are within a month of your negotiation window, please reach out to me to see what jobs may be in your window.  If you are currently in your negotiation window, please bid on jobs advertised on CMSID.  If you are in a “needs of the Navy” status and have had no jobs to bid on, you will be allowed another look in CMSID for the following month.  If you are “needs of the Navy” and did not bid on available jobs, you need to contact me as soon as possible.  Please know when you are in your negotiation window as it is your career.