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Fire Controlman

FC Community Overview

FC Career Path

FC (AEGIS) Community Overview  

FC (AEGIS) Career Path

General Description

The Navy's Advanced Electronics / Computer Field offers extensive training in all aspects of electronics including computer systems, radars, communications systems and weapons fire control systems such as the Navy's advanced missile system, Aegis.

What They Do

Only two Navy job specialties, called "ratings", are included in the Advanced Electronics / Computer Field: Electronics Technician (ET) and Fire Controlman (FC). The rating in which an Advanced Electronics / Computer Field candidate is trained is determined in the initial phase of the Advanced Electronics Technical Core Course in Great Lakes, Ill. However, eligibility requirements are the same for both ratings in the Advanced Electronics / Computer Field. ETs maintain and repair electronics equipment such as radar, communication and navigation equipment. The ET and FC (AEF) ratings comprise the basis of the ship's Combat Systems department aboard ships and are responsible for maintaining the ship's readiness for combat operations.

Working Environment

Jobs performed by FCs are performed throughout the Navy's Fleet of surface ships including aircraft carriers and Aegis cruisers, and at repair activities ashore.
Requirements ASVAB: AR + MK + EI + GS = 222

Must have normal color perception
Security clearance required
72 month obligation
Must be a U.S. Citizen

: Visual acuity must be correctable to 20/20. When specified, uncorrected visual acuity must not be greater than that indicated (i.e. 20/100), and must be correctable to 20/20.