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General Description
Steelworkers rig and operate special equipment used to build metal structures. They lay out and fabricate structural steel and sheet metal and work with concrete reinforcing steel bars. They perform welding and cutting operations, read blueprints and use special tools. This is a 5 year enlistment program.
What They Do
The duties performed by SWs include:

  • erecting steel bridges, tanks, buildings, towers and pre engineered structures;
  • fabricating, erecting, installing, fitting, welding and bolting structural steel shapes, plates and the built up sections used in heavy construction;
  • laying out, fabricating and installing sheet metal assemblies and systems;
  • performing welding and metal cutting operations;
  • installing and reinforcing steel in concrete structures.
  • reading and interpreting blueprints and preparing sketches for projects;
  • making estimates of materials, labor, and equipment requirements.

Working Environment
SWs may work in a variety of conditions, independently or as members of a large team. Their many different duties may be performed in climates ranging from desert to arctic.
ASVAB: AR + MC + AS = 145